These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for the Social card, which is also an Appspace supported card. The Social card theme and release notes are applicable to:

v 1.0

Release Date: 20 Nov 2020

The Social card is Appspace’s latest card installment, that helps organizations cross-post to Appspace from their social media platforms, enabling their social media online presence to be incorporated with their corporate communications. Utilizing the Appspace integration feature, the social card can be designed to work with any social media platform via their APIs. Currently, the following social media platforms are supported, with each social media platform card built using the Social card theme:

  • Facebook card
  • Instagram card

The following features are available on all cards built using the Social card theme:

  • Able to display social media platform posts using the social media user account, pages, or hashtag (only for Instagram) as the source.
  • Able to configure the following:
    • Number of Recent Posts Displayed to set the total number of recent posts that will be retrieved from the account.
    • Number of Posts Per Playback Loop to set the number of posts displayed within each playlist channel playback loop.
    • Post Duration to set the duration of each post displayed.
      • Enable Video – Allows posts with videos to be displayed.
      • Show Logo – Displays the Instagram logo.
      • Show Post Timestamp – Displays the timestamp of the post.
      • Keep Media Aspect Ratio – Displays the media in its original aspect ratio, with the background being a blurred version of the media.
      • Enable Transition – Allows transitions between posts.
  • Able to filter profanities, or use keywords to whitelist or blacklist posts that are displayed.
    • The profanity filter blocks profanity and sexually suggestive language, unsafe for work content, and violent, political, or religious content, based on the standard library.
    • The Posts must contain field is used to display posts containing only those keywords.
    • The Posts cannot contain field is used to hide posts containing those keywords from the display.

Known Issues:

In this first release of the card, hashtags will query only the most recent posts. Instagram has a 24-hour window for displaying most recent posts, hence if there are no related hashtags in the last 24 hours, the card will return empty. The card also only supports Instagram’s most recent posts. Support for top posts will be added in upcoming releases.

Find the configuration articles here:

Patch Updates

v 1.0.1

Release Date: 25 Nov 2020

Improved UI and Error Messages

The Social Card UI and error messages have been updated to be more descriptive for an improved user experience, as follows:

  • Connect to one of the social media platforms below to start creating cards’ is changed to ‘Select the social media platform you wish to display posts from,’ when creating the card.
  • Set up your account by selecting a pre-configured passport and preferred passport options.’ is changed to ‘Display posts from your account by selecting a passport and preferred feed,’ when creating the card.
  • When searching for an invalid business/creator account, the following error message is returned: ‘No business or creator account could be found with these keywords.
  • As we currently only support hashtags from the last 24 hours (most recent), the menu item for the “Query posts from” drop-down menu has been updated accordingly to ‘Hashtag (Last 24 hours)‘ instead of just ‘Hashtag‘.
  • If the business/creator account is not configured after the card is created, the following message is displayed, ‘The current user has not granted Appspace access to any Account.
  • If the hashtag keyword search query returns no results, the following message is displayed, ‘No hashtag could be found with those keywords.
  • If the service does not have the appropriate permissions when querying an external Instagram account (business/creator account), the following message is displayed,The current user has not granted Appspace access to any Accounts.
  • When loading My pages/My account, if empty results are returned, the following message is displayed, ‘You have not allowed Appspace to access any of your pages. Please revoke and re-authenticate your passport.