Complete List of Point of Interests (Dictionary)

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Appspace Maps provides an array of captivating and informative landmarks, each designed to enrich. your mapping experience. Below is a list of all Rooms, Spaces, and Points of Interest that are available together with their corresponding iconography.


A list of Room types that are available when configuring floor plans.

Auditorium Executive Room Room
Class Room Meeting Room Video Conferencing Room
Conference Room Office


A list of Space types that are available when configuring floor plans.

Collaboration Neighborhood Silent Area
Desk Open Seating Social Area
Event Space Open Tables Social Lounge
Fitness Parking Space Training Area
Huddle Space Quiet Space

Points of Interest (POI)

A list of Point of Interest types that are available when configuring floor plans.

AED Kit Firehose Restaurant
Atm Freight Sanitizing Station
Bathroom Front Desk Security Room
Bathroom Gender Neutral Front Porch Server Room
Bathroom Handicap Games Service Desk
Bathroom Men Gym Services
Bathroom Women Information Shop
Bleachers Janitor’s Closet Shower
Break Room Kiosk Solarium
Bus Lab Stairs
Cafe Library Stairs Down
Camera Lobby Stairs Up
Changing Table Lockers Storage
Docking Station Mail Taxi
Dry Cleaner Maintenance Room Tech Center
Elevator Male Lockers Terrace
Elevator Down Male Showers Toilet
Elevator Up Medical Train
Escalator Mother's Lounge Trash
Escalator Down Nursery Vending Machine
Escalator Up Office Supplies Video
Exit Parking Video Game
Exit Left Phone Washroom
Exit Right Prayer Room Water Fountain
Fast Food Printer Wellness
Female Lockers Reception Wheelchair Accessible
Female Shower Recycling Yoga Studio
Fire Extinguisher