Problem: Card Reloads Upon Launching On-Screen Keyboard

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Launching an on-screen keyboard on a display playing Appspace card content triggers the Appspace App to reload the card, and restarts playback of the playlist content. The playlist replays from the beginning even if the content duration has been set to an hour or more.

This prevents users from entering any information via the on-screen keyboard.

This behavior may be seen on devices displaying interactive content such as the Room Schedule card, or Web View card running Appspace App 2.19 or 2.20.


This issue is caused by the Appspace App trying to automatically resize to fit both the content and the on-screen keyboard, especially on devices with smaller screens. This results in the app reloading and displaying content from the beginning of the playlist.

Solution or Workaround

This issue has been fixed in Appspace App 2.20.1. To solve this issue, do the following:

  1. Update your devices to run the latest version of the Appspace App, which prevents the app from reloading itself each time it resizes or when the on-screen keyboard is launched.
  2. Ensure the following device property is set to false or is removed completely:
    • Display.onresize.reload = False

For more information on the device property, visit the Complete List of Device Properties (Dictionary) article.