Browse and Navigate the Appspace Console

Browse and discover the new look and feel of the Appspace 8.x platform console here. Appspace 8.0 introduces a brand new user interface and navigation menu that has been updated

What’s New in Appspace 7.2 On-Prem

Appspace 7.2 is a major release that is built on the Appspace 7.0 microservices architecture, which includes various new features and enhancements, an improved user interface, platform optimizations, and bug

Appspace 7.2 On-Prem System Requirements

This article lists all the requirements necessary to install, configure, and use Appspace 7.2 on-prem. Use this information to ensure you are always working with an Appspace supported and optimized

Migrate Appspace On-Prem Server

This article is for IT Administrators who wish to migrate their current Appspace server to another server. The migration process involves backing up, restoring database tables stored in MySQL Workbench,

Install Appspace 7.x On-Prem

This article provides the instructions to download, install, and configure the operating system, prerequisite software, and Appspace software, for a first-time install of an Appspace 7.x on-prem deployment. Please follow

Upgrade to Appspace 7.x On-Prem

This article provides the instructions to perform a full upgrade to Appspace on-prem 7.x, for existing Appspace customers running an older version of Appspace on-prem. Please follow the instructions in

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