Appspace 8.0 Platform Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for Appspace Cloud.

Appspace 8.0 is a major release that is built on a new microservices architecture and includes various new features and enhancements, an improved user interface, platform optimizations, and bug fixes.

Cloud Releases


Release Date: 15 Jan 2021

This build is focused on improvements, and escalation fixes.

Support for Twitter and Zoom Meeting Integrations

Appspace expands its integration capabilities by adding support for the Zoom Meetings and Twitter passport service on the Appspace platform, for the recent addition of the Zoom Recordings card and Twitter card.

The Zoom Recordings card allows organizations to easily stream recorded Zoom Meetings via the Appspace App, while the Twitter card is built using the Social card theme, allowing organizations to display their tweets and hashtags taken from their Twitter social presence.

Location Improvements

The following improvements have been made to the Locations module:

  • Existing Points of Interest (POI) can now be linked to an Appspace Reservations resource, when a user creates a floorplan or space using the floorplan editor.
  • The Locations floorplan editor now allows batch operations on Point of Interest (POI), such as deletion, changing the type or subtype, and linking to the Reservation resource.
Please note that the Reservations module is currently in Limited Release phase.
Resolved Bugs
  • AP-23064 – Locked card base templates should not be displayed in the content creation page.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6160 – Error retrieving content when viewing folders in Library.
  • AE-6408 – User with Manage Widget permissions unable to reorder content within the widget.
  • AE-6425 – Incomplete functionality for RetrieveLinkedMediaZones API.
  • AE-6467 – Notification for content approvals are still displayed even after it has been approved in channels.
  • AE-6476 – Corrupted XML due to special characters in the channels caption field.
  • AE-6479 – User remains on same Overview page even after changing Locations.


Release Date: 17 Dec 2020

This build is focused on bugs and escalation fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-22847 – Error 403 is returned when a Publisher views user or user group details from the Publish tab in a channel.
  • AP-22996 – Editing a user group in Users assigned with “Can View” passport permissions, automatically updates the passport permission to “Can Manage”.
  • AP-23021 – When adding attendees in the reservations system in the Content Portal, the label displays “Current Capacity” instead of “Resource Capacity”.
  • AP-23031 – Page requires to be refreshed each time content is enabled or disabled in a playlist channel.
  • AP-23043 – Unable to invite users via new user sign-up account on the public cloud.
  • AP-23044 – Unable to download multiple content at once.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6412 – Content added to an advanced channel is auto-approved although the “Manage Content” permissions have been set.


Release Date: 11 Dec 2020

This build is focused on a new feature and escalation fixes.

Reservations Service

We’ve added a new feature, the Reservations module, available in the Appspace console, for building, visitor, workspace, and desk reservations. The Reservations module includes the following two tabs:

  • The Reservations – to view every reservation that has been made on the Appspace platform (this tab will initially be empty).
  • The Resources – for creating, configuring, and managing all resources such as buildings, meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and hot-desking spaces within an organization.

While the Reservations module supports Office 365 and G Suite integrations, allowing previously created resources to be imported and mapped, without having to re-create these resources from scratch again, it also allows the creation and reserving of resources within Appspace, as a provider.

The Reservations service is supported on Appspace App 2.20.2, and the limited release version of the Room Schedule and Schedule Board cards.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6430 – The Create content page in the Library or a playlist channel is displayed out of view, and requires users to scroll all the way to the bottom to view it, on Windows-based devices.


Release Date: 4 Dec 2020

This build is focused on UI improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Redesigned Users Module

The Users module in the Appspace menu has been updated with a new user interface and workflows that streamline managing user invitations, user roles, and user groups all in a single location. The following is a list of what the new Users module offers, the changes and improvements made that would be welcomed by Appspace Admins.

  • A new redesigned Users dashboard that provides administrators with a quick way to view and search users within Appspace.
  • User listings now display more information on the dashboard, allowing administrators to quickly identify users based on user name, email address, roles, user groups, and status.
  • User listings can be displayed in a grid or listing view.
  • Apart from the usual user details on the User Profile page, administrators now can view the roles, channels, and channel group permissions the user has been granted with.
  • Support for bulk user invitations through Appspace, or via an excel spreadsheet imported to Appspace.
  • Common Library permissions are now configured from the All Users option.
  • The User Group Library is enabled from the User Group profile page and can be configured for automatic content deletion.
  • All user roles and permissions are now assigned via the Users module.
  • User roles have also been given an uplift to make it easier for new users to easily assign roles based on functions. We have renamed some old roles:
    • Portal Administrator –> Portal Admin
    • Account Administrator –> Account Admin
    • Account Owner
    • Network Administrator –> Location Admin
    • Content Administrator –> Publisher
    • Content Producer –> Author
    • Standard user –> Viewer
See Browse and Navigate Users Module in Appspace 8.0 article for more information.
Improvements to Appspace Menu

As part of our on-going UI improvements exercise, the following interfaces have been renamed and changed:

  • The “network” terminology has been replaced with “locations” throughout the Appspace platform, to aptly personify how we now would like users to categorize and group devices according to their physical location in a geographical location, campus location, or building. The Networks tab in the Devices module is now renamed to Locations. See Add and Manage Locations in Devices for more information.
  • With the above change, the Maps module, previously housed under Admin > Maps in the Appspace menu, which allowed users to create floor plans and maps according to a geographical location, campus location, or building (previously tied to the network structure) has been aptly moved to Locations, which is housed in the main Appspace menu sidebar.
  • The Device Tasks module, used only by device administrators, is now moved to the Admin section on the Appspace menu.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6190 – Unable to delete user in private cloud.
  • AE-6330 – Unable to edit and save Device Tasks task template.
  • AE-6376 – Unable to delete or withdraw user with an expired invitation.
  • AE-6389 – User is logged out when trying to assign a channel to a device via the Assign Channel icon in Devices.
  • AE-6394 – Unable to use more than 255 characters for parameter values in device tasks.
  • AE-6399 – User is logged out when trying to add content in an advanced channel.


Release Date: 18 Nov 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Social Media Card Support

This release adds support for creating passports for social media account integration in the Appspace console. This integration is necessary to support the newly introduced Social card by Appspace. The Social card theme consists of the Facebook card and the Instagram card, and is available in the Appspace Library. The cards allow organizations to display the respective social media posts from either a corporate account or page, together with other corporate communications content in the playlist.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6321 – Performance issues on private cloud server when navigating to Devices and Channels on the Appspace menu, or when switching between different networks.
  • AE-6371 – Unable to add a logo to the App Theme settings.
  • AE-6374 – Unable to configure the Dayparting schedule from folder settings.


Release Date: 11 Nov 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Support for Converting Documents

This new feature allows users to simply upload external content such as word documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, or PDF documents into the Library, which will be automatically converted into an Appspace card.  The conversion service currently supports the following content file formats, containing not more than 10 pages each:

  • .docx – Word document file format
  • .doc – Word document file format
  • .xlsx – Excel document file format
  • .xls – Excel document file format
  • .pptx – PowerPoint file format
  • .ppt – PowerPoint file format
  • .pdf – Portable Document File format


  • Any of the supported file formats above are automatically converted into the Appspace Content Conversion card, with multiple pages.
  • The card can be added to either a playlist channel or advanced channels.
  • The thumbnail of the Content Conversion card is automatically generated by taking the first page of the content by default, but users are able to change this in the content thumbnail section.
  • The converted content in the Content Conversion card is not editable.
  • Only file names that are alphanumeric can be successfully uploaded as a security measure, thus file names containing any form of special characters will automatically fail to upload.

Known Issues:

  • In the current release, we are unable to convert files that have Unicode filenames, found mainly in Arabic and Asian fonts. We are currently working on a fix, which shall be released in our upcoming update. As a workaround, we recommend renaming files containing Unicode, to non-Unicode characters for the conversion service to convert files successfully.
  • This feature is not supported on legacy devices. Organizations that are still using legacy devices may disable this by contacting Appspace Support, as legacy devices do not support Cards.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6353 – Unable to create HDMI Input on BrightSign external content in Library.
  • AE-6357 – Unable to create HDMI Input on BrightSign external content in Library.


Release Date: 6 Nov 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Improved UI for Adding Content Folders to Channels

When adding content folders to playlist channels, users will notice the checkmark when hovering over the folders in the folder tree. This checkmark, previously removed in Appspace 8, has been added upon requests from customers. This UI feature not only indicates the selected folders, but also allows users to click the checkmark to add the folder to the playlist channel.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6321 – Performance issues on private cloud server when navigating to Devices and Channels on the Appspace menu, or when switching between different networks.
  • AE-6328 – Content is not deleted despite having the expiry date set, due to time zone differences.
  • AE-6339 – Performance issue on private cloud server causes loss of functionality in Channels when trying to edit the permissions in playlist channels.


Release Date: 31 Oct 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Updated Channel Publishing Permissions

The following channel publishing settings have now been limited to Account Owners or Content Administrators only:

  • Publish to network and subnetworks” check-box when publishing a channel to a device(s) or device group(s).
  • Publish to all users” check-box when publishing a user(s) or user group(s).

This setting is being restricted to administrators who primarily have access to all content in the network they are administrators of, preventing incorrect publishing by other users.

The above settings will now only be available to Account Owners or Content Administrators, and to users who had already checked the box prior to this release.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-22123 – Event name from map service is fixed to append “map” when displayed in Analytics.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6279 – Old Seenspire card thumbnail is still displayed when creating a new Seenspire card from the Library.
  • AE-6321 – Performance issues on private cloud server when navigating to Devices and Channels on the Appspace menu, or when switching between different networks.


Release Date: 16 Oct 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

UI Updates for Content Portal

The Content Portal UI has been updated with the following changes:

  • The View button that linked to the Content Portal, which was originally on the top menu bar in the Appspace console, has now been moved to the main Appspace menu on the side panel, for improved user experience and is now known as the Switch to Content Portal button.
  • Similarly, the ADMIN button on the content portal’s top menu bar that linked to the Appspace console, has now been moved to the portal’s side panel, and is now known as the Switch to Admin Console button.
  • On the content portal, a landing page is displayed when there are no channels published.
  • The content portal side panel now displays shortcuts for Feeds, Videos, and Channels, while the list of Channel Groups is now displayed on the right.
  • All content, except video, are displayed in a tile view, displaying the channel listing with title and summary.
  • Video content is displayed in a thumbnail tiled view, displaying the channel listing with title, and duration of the video.
  • When viewing selected content, the channel name, content title, and published date and time, are displayed above the featured image.
  • Users can now customize the portal’s theme and logo according to the organization’s branding guidelines.
Enterprise Messaging Apps Update

An additional configuration option when posting content to Enterprise Messaging Apps, includes the option to hide the channel name in the post. Users can enable or disable posting the channel name in the Post Format drop-down menu.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-22302 – SSO login for mobile devices does not redirect to the correct mobile authentication URL.
  • AP-22281 – Playlist channel content metadata (total number of items and total duration) does not refresh when content is removed from the playlist.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6279 – Unable to import channel due to invalid export channel URL error message.
  • AE-6287 – Unable to create the YouTube 2.0 card.
  • AE-6297 – Card content missing when imported to the selected library.
  • AE-6299 – Unable to transcode video from a shared folder.
  • AE-6326 – Unable to export device properties.


Release Date: 25 Sept 2020

This build is focused on improvements, bugs, and escalation fixes.

Improvements to Maps

With the growing interest in our Maps feature, we’re adding the following Point of Interest (POI) options:

  • Front Porch
  • Quiet Space
  • Social Lounge
  • Training
Integrations Menu

As a standardization measure, the Passports feature available via the Appspace menu Admin > Passports will now be available as a separate tab via AdminIntegrations instead. The Integrations page will also be hosting all future integration features that are planned in our roadmap.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21439 – The Calendar Resource drop-down menu in Maps only displays up to 20 passports, and does not display the entire list of active passports available.
  • AP-21820 – Channels can still be imported into libraries with read-only permissions.
  • AP-22162 – Images and cards without natural duration are displayed with the “Infinite” icon in the Appspace Content Portal.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6270 – The resolution for 2K in a card editor is displayed as 1920 x 1080 instead of 2048 x 1080 (1080p).


Release Date: 11 Sept 2020

This build is focused on bugs and escalation fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21904 – Unable to save playout property changes, if advanced channel filename contains special characters.
  • AP-21965 – Hex codes copied to the color picker field does not change the color automatically.
  • AP-22042 – Unable to send analytics to Appspace cloud, if metadata value is null.
  • AP-22127 – Content is missing from the Media Zone widget in a copied advanced channel.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6065 – Unable to set Wallpaper mode on a device running Cisco CE 9.9.
  • AE-6122 – Deleted content reappears after being deleted from Library.
  • AE-6189 – The Create Content page scrollbar is missing when displayed on Chrome browsers.
  • AE-6202 – Server runtime error received when trying to download custom card theme with ‘&’ in the name.
  • AE-6235 – Devices page in the console triggers a reset password notification.
  • AE-6246 – Unable to create the Chrome CDM Policy advanced registration when selecting a subnetwork.


Release Date: 28 Aug 2020

This build is focused on improvements and escalation fixes.

Natural Duration Indicator on Cards

Natural duration on Cards will now be displayed with a clock icon as a visual indicator to having natural duration.

The clock icon will be displayed in the following locations:

  • Content thumbnail in Library.
  • Content thumbnail in the Edit tab in playlist channel.

Support for Autoplay Channels Mode on Webex Phone, Webex Share, and Cisco CE Devices

Support for autoplay channels mode on Cisco Webex Phone, Webex Share, and Cisco Collaboration Endpoint (CE) devices, allows for multiple channels to be displayed instead of just a single channel, as previously available.

The support for autoplay channels also brings the following changes:

  • Devices that have been assigned with the same channel and timezone will usually display the same content item. However, time is no longer a determining factor when it comes to displaying content, apart from being scheduled or dayparted.
  • Autoplay channels support is only available if channels are published directly to the device or device group.
  • No re-provisioning is required on existing devices to support the autoplay channels.
Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21744 – The Device Settings page has UI alignment issues.
  • AP-21962 – Cards display as thumbnail in the advanced channel’s Visual Editor, channel preview, device preview, and web publishing.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6155 – Imported channel does not contain content from a shared folder that was exported.
  • AE-6188 – Unable to add content to shared folder when initially shared with Viewer permissions.
  • AE-6190 – Unable to delete a user that is pending an invite, if user that sent the invite has been deleted.
  • AE-6197 – Unable to copy a device property to a device group.


Release Date: 24 Aug 2020

This build is focused on an escalation fix.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6218 – Tagged content in Advanced channels does not display on DirectX players.


Release Date: 14 Aug 2020

This build is focused on improvements and escalation fixes.

Support for Cube Transitions

The Cube transition is a new transition that simulates content transitions with a 2D cube effect. This transition option is supported in channel browsing mode, a single playlist channel, and in advanced channels (signs).

Users may find the following cube transitions options when configuring the Media Zone widget in advanced channel or Playout Properties in playlist channels:

  • Cube Left
  • Cube Right
  • Cube Up
  • Cube Down
  • Cube Random
Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21804 – Library with “Auto-Deletion” configured, does not automatically delete content past its due date.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6085 – IIS issue causes intermittent disruption between Appspace console and MySQL on cloud servers.
  • AE-6122 – Unable to delete content from Library.
  • AE-6154 – Unable to add content to playlist channel from a shared library folder.
  • AE-6155 – Playlist channel does not contain content from a shared folder when exported or imported to another account.
  • AE-6176 – Incorrect layout is displayed briefly when launching the WYSIWYG editor in an advanced channel, before the correct layout is displayed for editing.


Release Date: 7 Aug 2020

This build is focused on Appspace 8 improvements, and escalation fixes.

Webex Meeting Support

Appspace expands its integration capabilities by adding support for the Webex Meeting passport service in the platform, that supports the Webex Recordings card. The Webex Recordings card is the latest card offering by Appspace, allowing users to easily stream and display a Webex Meetings recording via the Appspace App.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6097 – Unable to delete a subnetwork containing device groups.
  • AE-6156 – Unable to import channels on the App2 cloud server.
  • AE-6168 – Unable to save custom card content edits in Appspace 8.0.
  • AE-6171 – Unable to change URL in card after Appspace 8.0 update.


Release Date: 29 July 2020

This build is focused on Appspace 8 improvements, and escalation fixes.

Library UI Improvements

Left and right arrow icons have been added to the tag list during content creation, to allow for better user experience and navigation when scrolling through the tag list.

Maps Improvements

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world, many organizations are currently placing hand sanitizers around the office area, thus Appspace has included “Sanitizing Station” as a new Point of Interest (POI) option when configuring your floor plans in Maps.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6060 – Unable to accept user invitation, or login to cloud via SSO if Appspace authentication is set to “SSO only”.
  • AE-6071 – Unable to scroll data sources list if “Data only” advanced channel contains more than 20 data sources.
  • AE-6129 – Unable to horizontally scroll tags when adding content in Library.
  • AE-6130 – Existing content tags are not populated as suggestions when adding tags to content.


Release Date: 24 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform stability, and bug and escalation fixes.

New Library Features

The Library has been updated to support the following features:

  • List View displays the content thumbnail and certain content attributes in a single column, allowing users to quickly identify the content by name, type, size, or when it was last updated. Users can toggle between the list view and grid view by clicking the view icon in the library.
  • Content Size is now displayed for users in the Library when viewing in List View, or within the individual content in the Settings tab.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21685 – Unable to upload or select media when trying to change the Appspace content portal banner.
  • AP-21739 – Content is posted without an image, on the Slack and Webex Teams enterprise messaging apps, due to certificate issues.
  • AP-21740 – Content is posted with a broken thumbnail icon on the MS Teams enterprise messaging app, due to certificate issues.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6014 – Device usage on the Account Management Portal does not reflect actual device usage.
  • AE-6120 – Unable to disable Card text editor in card schema to prevent users from changing text styling in card.
  • AE-6124 – Unable to save data in the advanced channel Table Listing widget.
  • AE-6126 – Unable to create card based on custom card template after updating to Appspace 8.


Release Date: 13 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform stability and bug fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21580 – Unable to create or import older card templates in the new Appspace 8 library.


Release Date: 9 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform reliability and bug fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21566 – Deleted floor plans and buildings are still being displayed on the Schedule Board card.
  • AP-21572 – “Allocated Content” is displayed as “Deleted Content” on the Analytics Most Viewed Content widget, if the user does not have permissions to view the library the content is in.


Release Date: 8 July 2020

Please visit the What’s New in Appspace 8.0 article for full feature descriptions, and what Appspace 8.0 has to offer you.

Enterprise Messaging Apps

Appspace 8 natively integrates with enterprise messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, and Slack. This integration allows the publishing of any content (messaging, videos, charts, etc.) seamlessly from Appspace into these apps, ensuring employees are always informed, engaged, and up-to-date wherever they are located globally.

Appspace Content Portal

The Appspace content portal is a newly launched central location for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow across an organization by providing quick and easy access to information via a computer, tablet, or phone, regardless of where users are located.

Find out more in the Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal article.

New Redesigned Library

The Library functions and workflows have been completely revamped and designed for improved user experience and efficiency.

The user interface is now faster and more responsive with a streamlined content creation workflow for all content types.

The new design also supports instant previews throughout the content creating, editing, and configuring processes. Previews can use new display options such as Responsive, Responsive 16:9, 2K, 4K, Tablet, Phone, or Custom.

Find out more in the Browse and Navigate Appspace 8.0 Library.

Maps Service

We are also introducing the Maps module, to support floor plan maps and wayfinding for kiosk and room scheduling experiences.

The module allows users to upload floor plans and organize them into a geo network, campus network, or a building network. Users can then label locations of rooms and other points of interest, such as restrooms, lifts, exits, and such, on the floor plan map.

The Maps service is supported on Appspace 2.15, and the latest Schedule Board card ver 1.8.

Analytics Service

Introducing the Analytics module, which will gather console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the new Team portal.

Widgets on the Analytics dashboard will display trends of the content usage and type, channel type and publishing statistics, enterprise messaging app statistics, and user and device activity details. Depending on the widget, the data can be filtered using the following criteria.

  • By Account
  • By Date Range (Today/Last 7, 30 or 90 days/Last 12 or 24 months/Current or previous year).
  • By Channel
  • By Content

Users will also have the option to click on each widget to view more statistics in detail, and filter data according to any selected time period. These analytics will also be available in the Channels module for each individual channel, and in any content editor window, displaying analytics for the selected content.


Appspace cards are HTML-5 based templates available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content. Cards are an easy but powerful medium to create the desired messaging ideal for any type of information needed for digital signage and workplace initiatives. Cards have been updated with the following in conjunction with the release of the new Library available in Appspace 8.0

New Design and Configuration Sections

All cards have been updated with a new UI, which groups certain key functions and features into tabs and sections for better user experience, and content creation workflow.

New Category and Tags

When creating a card, you now have the option to filter results based on tags and card template categories which are based on card types such as Messaging, Data, Services, Feeds, and Legacy content – to easily find what you need from a huge list of templates available.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-5784 – Security vulnerability fix in policy file-based device registrations between devices and Appspace 7.0.