8.0 Platform Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for Appspace Cloud.

Appspace 8.0 is a major release that is built on a new microservices architecture and includes various new features and enhancements, an improved user interface, platform optimizations, and bug fixes.

Cloud Releases


Release Date: 7 Aug 2020

This build is focused on Appspace 8 improvements, and escalation fixes.

Webex Meeting Support

Appspace expands its integration capabilities by adding support for a Webex Meeting passport service in the platform, that supports the Webex Recordings card. The Webex Recordings card is the latest card offering by Appspace, allowing users to easily stream and display a Webex Meetings recording via the Appspace App.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6097 – Unable to delete a subnetwork containing device groups.
  • AE-6156 – Unable to import channels on the App2 cloud server.
  • AE-6168 – Unable to save custom card content edits in Appspace 8.0.
  • AE-6171 – Unable to change URL in card after Appspace 8.0 update.


Release Date: 29 July 2020

This build is focused on Appspace 8 improvements, and escalation fixes.

Library UI Improvements

Left and right arrow icons have been added to the tag list during content creation, to allow for better user experience and navigation when scrolling through the tag list.

Maps Improvements

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world, many organizations are currently placing hand sanitizers around the office area, thus Appspace has included “Sanitizing Station” as a new Point of Interest (POI) option when configuring your floor plans in Maps.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6060 – Unable to accept user invitation, or login to cloud via SSO if Appspace authentication is set to “SSO only”.
  • AE-6071 – Unable to scroll data sources list if “Data only” advanced channel contains more than 20 data sources.
  • AE-6129 – Unable to horizontally scroll tags when adding content in Library.
  • AE-6130 – Existing content tags are not populated as suggestions when adding tags to content.


Release Date: 24 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform stability, and bug and escalation fixes.

New Library Features

The Library has been updated to support the following features:

  • List View displays the content thumbnail and certain content attributes in a single column, allowing users to quickly identify the content by name, type, size, or when it was last updated. Users can toggle between the list view and grid view by clicking the view icon in the library.
  • Content Size is now displayed for users in the Library when viewing in List View, or within the individual content in the Settings tab.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21685 – Unable to upload or select media when trying to change the Appspace content portal banner.
  • AP-21739 – Content is posted without an image, on the Slack and Webex Teams enterprise messaging apps, due to certificate issues.
  • AP-21740 – Content is posted with a broken thumbnail icon on the MS Teams enterprise messaging app, due to certificate issues.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6014 – Device usage on the Account Management Portal does not reflect actual device usage.
  • AE-6120 – Unable to disable Card text editor in card schema to prevent users from changing text styling in card.
  • AE-6124 – Unable to save data in the advanced channel Table Listing widget.
  • AE-6126 – Unable to create card based on custom card template after updating to Appspace 8.


Release Date: 13 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform stability and bug fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21580 – Unable to create or import older card templates in the new Appspace 8 library.


Release Date: 9 July 2020

This build is focused on general platform reliability and bug fixes.

Resolved Bugs
  • AP-21566 – Deleted floor plans and buildings are still being displayed on the Schedule Board card.
  • AP-21572 – “Allocated Content” is displayed as “Deleted Content” on the Analytics Most Viewed Content widget, if the user does not have permissions to view the library the content is in.


Release Date: 8 July 2020

Please visit the What’s New in Appspace 8.0 article for full feature descriptions, and what Appspace 8.0 has to offer you.

Enterprise Messaging Apps

Appspace 8 natively integrates with enterprise messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, and Slack. This integration allows the publishing of any content (messaging, videos, charts, etc.) seamlessly from Appspace into these apps, ensuring employees are always informed, engaged, and up-to-date wherever they are located globally.

Appspace Content Portal

The Appspace content portal is a newly launched central location for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow across an organization by providing quick and easy access to information via a computer, tablet, or phone, regardless of where users are located.

Find out more in the Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal article.

New Redesigned Library

The Library functions and workflows have been completely revamped and designed for improved user experience and efficiency.

The user interface is now faster and more responsive with a streamlined content creation workflow for all content types.

The new design also supports instant previews throughout the content creating, editing, and configuring processes. Previews can use new display options such as Responsive, Responsive 16:9, 2K, 4K, Tablet, Phone, or Custom.

Find out more in the Browse and Navigate Appspace 8.0 Library.

Maps Service

We are also introducing the Maps module, to support floor plan maps and wayfinding for kiosk and room scheduling experiences.

The module allows users to upload floor plans and organize them into a geo network, campus network, or a building network. Users can then label locations of rooms and other points of interest, such as restrooms, lifts, exits, and such, on the floor plan map.

The Maps service is supported on Appspace 2.15, and the latest Schedule Board card ver 1.8.

Analytics Service

Introducing the Analytics module, which will gather console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the new Team portal.

Widgets on the Analytics dashboard will display trends of the content usage and type, channel type and publishing statistics, enterprise messaging app statistics, and user and device activity details. Depending on the widget, the data can be filtered using the following criteria.

  • By Account
  • By Date Range (Today/Last 7, 30 or 90 days/Last 12 or 24 months/Current or previous year).
  • By Channel
  • By Content

Users will also have the option to click on each widget to view more statistics in detail, and filter data according to any selected time period. These analytics will also be available in the Channels module for each individual channel, and in any content editor window, displaying analytics for the selected content.


Appspace cards are HTML-5 based templates available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content. Cards are an easy but powerful medium to create the desired messaging ideal for any type of information needed for digital signage and workplace initiatives. Cards have been updated with the following in conjunction with the release of the new Library available in Appspace 8.0

New Design and Configuration Sections

All cards have been updated with a new UI, which groups certain key functions and features into tabs and sections for better user experience, and content creation workflow.

New Category and Tags

When creating a card, you now have the option to filter results based on tags and card template categories which are based on card types such as Messaging, Data, Services, Feeds, and Legacy content – to easily find what you need from a huge list of templates available.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-5784 – Security vulnerability fix in policy file-based device registrations between devices and Appspace 7.0.