Last updated on June 14, 2017

Appspace App requirements

This article lists the minimum requirements, supported media types, and current limitations for the Appspace App clients.

Appspace App for TVs

  • Minimum Hardware Requirements

    The minimum hardware requirements for Appspace App-driven devices follow the manufacturer’s specifications listed in the Supported devices article.

  • Supported Video Stream Protocols

    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

  • Supported File Types

    For a list of media and features supported by these devices, please refer to the Supported Media Player Comparison article.

Appspace App for Web Clients

The below are minimum requirements for a Appspace Web App on a desktop or laptop computer.


The minimum requirements are recommendations only and are not definitive or mandatory requirements. Exact specifications may vary depending on the client machine’s software and hardware load.

  • Devices - Minimum PC Hardware Requirements

    Hardware Minimum Specifications
    Processor Intel Core i3
    Memory 4GB RAM
    Hard Disk 128 GB
    Network 4 Mbps throughput

  • Operating System - Minimum Version Requirements

    Operating System Minimum Versions
    Microsoft Windows Windows 10
    Mac OS Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
    Android Android 4.4 KitKat
    iOS iOS 8

  • Web Browsers - Minimum Version Requirements

    Web Browser Minimum Versions
    Internet Explorer IE 10
    Safari 8.0.6
    Chrome 43.0.2357.65
    Firefox 38.0.1
  • Supported Video Stream Protocols

    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

  • Supported File Types

    Internet Explorer

Network Protocol and Ports

The following table lists the network protocols and ports that Appspace App driven devices needs access to for a seamless delivery of Appspace. Configure your firewall to enable access to these ports based on your device(s).

Protocol (Port) Description
HTTP (80) HTTP port 80 open towards Appspace server(s).
HTTPS (443) HTTPS port 443 open towards Appspace server(s).
TCP/UDP (53) TCP/UDP port 53 open towards a DNS server.
TCP/UDP 8884 Application Networking Manager (ANM) trusted communications, if using ANM. On MediaVue SureVue devices only.
TCP/UDP (8885-8887) SureVue mesh networking and ANM communication. On MediaVue SureVue devices only.
TCP/UDP (9090) Chromium debugging services. The port is open by default, but the listening service is disabled. On MediaVue SureVue devices only.
UDP (123) UDP port 123 open towards a NTP server.

Whitelist URLs

To grant devices and users access to Appspace Cloud in your network, whitelist the following URLs in your firewall:

  • https://*
  • https://*
  • Any external NTP server (alternative to using an internal NTP server).
  • Any external content sources (e.g RSS feeds and websites).

If your existing network uses a local web/HTTP proxy for outgoing connections to the Internet, grant access to the following websites:

  • World Weather Online ( – Mandatory if weather forecasts are for countries outside the US.
  • WDT INC ( – Mandatory if weather forecasts are within the US.
  • RSS Sources (various URLs) – Mandatory if you are using RSS widgets.


  • Appspace App and Appspace Web App support only the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol for all browsers.
  • Content from Appspace is not pre-downloaded. App clients operate in online mode only.