Last updated on February 14, 2017

Creating a channel group

This article provides the instructions to create, edit, and delete channel groups within Channels.


  • Appspace App-based devices. Click here for a list of Supported Devices.

  • Content has been added in the Appspace Library. Ensure the content type meets the requirements listed in the App client requirements article.

  • Live Streams have been added in the channel.

  • Please ensure you have the correct permissions as per the table below:

    Tab Portal Administrator Account Administrator Account Owner Network Administrator Content Administrator
    Channel Groups
    Manage Live Streams
    Manage Signs
    Manage Playlists
    Manage Users
    Manage Devices
    Live Streams
    EPG Providers
    App Theme
    Remote Controls
    Settings (X)

Creating Channel Groups

  1. Navigate to the Appspace menu, and select Channels.

  2. In the Channel Groups tab, click the New Channel Group button.

  3. Type in the Channel Group Name, and click OK.

  4. In the Edit <Channel group> page, configure the content to display in your channel group. Please refer to the following articles for each section:

  5. Once the channel group has been configured, you may view the channel group content via:

    • Appspace Web App

      1. Copy and paste the following URL in your web browser.

        • Cloud: or
        • On-premise: http://{appspace-server-domain}/play or https://{appspace-server-domain}/play

      2. Enter in your Appspace credentials, and the channel group assigned is displayed.

    • Appspace App

      • The assigned channel will display on your devices/TV.


To remove selected content, click the remove icon beside the content in the right pane. Also, to quickly search for a desired content, use the Search bar.