To configure a Remote Control widget’s properties, please follow the instructions below:

    1. In your advanced channel layout, click the Remote Control widget under the Widgets section.

    2. In the Widget Properties window, configure the common tabs as per this article: Widget: Configure Widget Properties.

    3. In the Widget Properties window, click the ACTIONS tab, and click the New Action button.

    4. In the Event Actions window, enter in the remote action details. Please refer to the Remote Control Widget Events section below for configuration examples.

      For more information on adding, editing, or deleting event actions in widgets, please refer to the Create Event Actions (Scripts) in a Widget article.

Remote Control Widget Events

The following samples illustrate the valid event names supported on a DMP4310 Remote Control widget.

Shortcut Keys

These keys provide custom functions that can be assigned to any shortcut/link in the widget.

Control Keys

These keys are designated for media playback (Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast forward), volume controls (including Mute), channel changing, as well as the Menu and Help functions.

Number Keys

These keys are assigned for numerical input and also to retrieve extra information based on the Info function.