To configure a Text Ticker widget’s properties, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In your advanced channel layout, click the Text Ticker widget under the Widgets section.

  2. In the Widget Properties window, configure the common tabs as per this article: Widget: Configure Widget Properties.

  3. In the Widget Properties window, click the APPEARANCE tab, and edit the PROPERTIES section as per description below:

    • Item Spacing: The space between each Text item in the ticker feed.
    • Ticker Speed: The speed of the text moving in the feed.
    • Ticker Direction: The direction of the movement of the ticker feed.
  4. Edit the FONT section, by selecting or customizing the font size.

    If you choose to define a custom size that is measured based on pixels, select the Custom option from the Size drop-down menu to define the pixel size of your font.

Adding Content To A Text Ticker

  1. In the Widget Properties window, click the CONTENT tab.

  2. Click the Add Ticker button, enter in the desired text into the text field, and click Save.

    The Order column enables you to determine the sequence in which the texts are to be displayed, in numerically-descending order. At any point in time, you are able to assign a number to a text for its position in the sequence of ticker items.

Editing A Text Ticker Item

  1. In the Widget Properties window, click the CONTENT tab.

  2. Click the Edit link, and make the necessary changes. Click Save.

Editing Content

Editing content is similar to adding content to the Table Listing widget. Follow these steps to edit existing content in the widgets’ workbook.

  1. In the Widget Properties window, click the CONTENT tab.

  2. Click the cell containing the data to be edited in the workbook, and make the necessary changes. Press Enter on the keyboard or click on any other area in the table to confirm the changes.

    Alternatively, you can also edit the name of a workbook. Just select the appropriate tab and click Rename. Click the Submitbutton to confirm the name change.

  3. Click Apply at the top right corner of the page to save the changes. Click OK in the Workbook dialog box. Once you have completed all the changes, click close window and the system will return to the main advanced channel page.

Removing a Text Ticker Item

  1. In the Widget Properties window, click the CONTENT tab.

  2. Click the Delete link, and click OK to confirm. Click Save

    The checkboxes to the left of each ticker item allows you to choose which text to display. Simply leave an item unchecked for the text to remain in the ticker text list, without having to delete it altogether.

Known Issues

Text in the Text Ticker widget is visually truncated when displayed in Appspace App. This is due to a browser limitation, when the text exceeds the HTML component width limit.

A workaround is to add the following custom widget property:

Widget Property Value Description
custom.ticker.render.type single Displays 1 RSS item at a time
custom.ticker.render.type multiple Displays multiple RSS items at a time