Appspace enables publishers and authors to quickly create posts within the Appspace Employee App, providing an improved content creation workflow experience that allows authors to quickly post articles with text and media without the need to leave the Employee App (and go to the Appspace console).

Authors, Publishers, and Account Owners can create the post, upload media, and publish it to a channel, directly from the Home dashboard or from within any channel in the Employee App. The Appspace platform will automatically translate the post’s content to digital signage and enterprise messaging formats. Users may create a post with any of these combinations:

  • Video + Article: Plays only the video in a signage playlist.
  • Image + Article: Generates a card with an image and article.
  • Article Only: Generates a card with the article.
The images and video added to a post are local to the post and will not be uploaded to the Appspace Library in this release.

This article provides instructions to create and publish posts in Appspace Employee App.


Create Post

Follow the instructions below to create a post in your Employee App:

  1. Log in to your Appspace Employee App.
  2. In the Home tab, click the “What do you want to share?” text box.
    • You may also click the Upload media icon to upload media such as images and videos, or
    • Click the Document link icon to upload a file.
      The ability to upload a PDF document will not be available until the next release.
  3. In the Create Post window, click the Select a channel drop-down menu to select a desired channel.
  4. Click the “What do you want to share?” text to type in a post title.
  5. Click the “Tell us more…” text to type in your post content.
  6. Click the Photo/Video button on your left below to add an image or video.
    We support .jpeg, .png, and .gif image formats. For video, only .mp4 files are supported.
  7. Click the Post button.
  8. Your post will be published under the News section on the Home tab.

Edit Post

Follow the instructions below to edit a post in your Employee App:

  1. To edit, navigate to your desired post in the Home > News section.
  2. Click on the elipsis to edit the post.
  3. Proceed to edit the content and click Save.
  4. You can also delete your post by clicking the Remove button.


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