Configure community creation and contribution

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Before rolling out your Appspace Intranet installation, it is critical to decide how and when users will create communities and contribute to them. There are three basic topics that need to be addressed and configured:

  • Can all users create communities? There are two possibilities: either all logged-in users can create a community or only a subset of them.

In case you want to allow the creation of communities for all users, you must go to Settings > Security and check the Everyone can create communities field.

In case you want to restrict the creation of communities to a subset of users, you need to define what users can create communities. In order to do this, please go to SharePoint Site settings > People and groups and select the group Beezy Community Creators. You can use an Active Directory group to include all these users at once.

  • Can all users contribute in public communities? There are two options: either all users are free to contribute in any public community or they are required to join (as an open, non-approval requiring action) before they can contribute and post. By default Appspace Intranet is configured to use the first option, but you can use the second option if you go to Settings > Security and uncheck the Everyone can contribute by default in public communities field.