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On the right side of the Pages for You page, there is a The Tag Cloud widget that shows a list of the 50 most used tags users assign to every Page. It weights Tags by popularity setting different shades of grey to each Tag, the darker the Tag, the more significant number of Pages it has associated with it. 

The Tag Cloud provides a strong visual stimulus of what are the most popular subjects inside Pages.

Pages For You.png

The Tag Cloud also provides an alternative way of navigating through Pages using the “Narrow down results” and searching for specific Tags using its Search Box. By clicking on any of the displayed Tags, users can narrow down between Tag combinations to find particular Pages.

Pages For You 2.png

Please Note: Only tags attached to Pages are displayed in the Pages for You Tag Cloud. 

Please Note: Each Page has more than one Tag, meaning that the same Page might appear on several different searches using different tags.

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