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This article is applicable to version 4.7.0 onwards

As mentioned in previous articles of this section, this initiative marked a complete overhaul of the timezone logic being processed within Appspace Intranet.
This is yet to affect other time-related features besides Events (e.g set expiration date and schedule Hero), so there’s still some work to be done before we have a full fledge consistent experience within the product.
Everything user-facing in the Event journey will be contextualized to the user’s own timezone, namely when scheduling, editing, and viewing an event. After scheduling or editing an event, this will be converted and stored in UTC and re-interpreted at the front-end level when being viewed by the user.
In summary: we’re guaranteeing a standardized value being stored that is being translated to the user’s timezone + daylight savings in everything that is visible to him/her.
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