An Account Owner with access to the Appspace Account Management Portal may grant specific users access to the Support portal.

  • Account Owners can create new cases or view all cases raised via this portal, and have the ability to filter cases based on the case creator.
  • Users who have been granted access to the Support Portal can create new cases or view and manage cases only they’ve created.
The Account Management Portal is only accessible by the original Account Owner of the company account. Users who were invited into Appspace and assigned the Account Owner role will not be able to access this site.

Follow the instructions below to grant Appspace users with access to the Support page in the Account Management Portal:

  1. Login to the Appspace Account Management Portal ( with your Account Owner credentials.
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Under the “Who can view the support portal?” section, enter the desired Appspace user(s). Multiple users can be added at a single time.
  4. Click Save.