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This section applies only to Appspace Intranet (Powered by Beezy) version 4.4.0 and higher.

Adding an Audience to a Community might trigger a massive association of thousands of users, which might cause. some performance issues

The SharePoint limit of 5000 users per community is there (see more information here) and customers’ IT departments should pay attention to them. It’s not a hard limit, you can exceed this number, but Microsoft warns you that performance is going to be impacted. We have this recommendation in our Technical Architecture Doc but we don’t actively prevent this limit in the product.
Appspace Intranet does not limit the number of members you can add to a community, but we do have a setting to limit the number of members you retrieve from Active Directory groups (5000). This limit can be increased using Appspace Intranet Settings. This threshold can be increased, but it’s always recommendable to have a limit to avoid misuse of AD groups and have a database flooding with millions of memberships registered.
We encourage the admins to use Powershell to add a big amount of users to a Community.
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