Appspace 8.4 Hydra Release Notes for Cloud

The Public Cloud release notes for the Appspace 8.4 Hydra platform contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

For Appspace Cloud security compliance information and release cadence, please refer to our Appspace Trust and Cloud Architecture & Platform Release Cadence pages.

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Public Cloud:

  • New Appspace functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under an eight-week release cycle, scheduled at 02:00 CST on Saturday.
  • Scheduled minor feature updates, cloud service optimizations, and bug and escalation fixes are typically scheduled at 02:00 CST time throughout the week, typically on a Tuesday or Saturday.
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

22 Nov 2023, Wednesday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.3.3 (Private Cloud Only)


  • AE-9990 – Reservations do not sync correctly with the Office 365 calendar provider.
  • AE-9997 – Cancellations on recurring reservations from Outlook, do not sync correctly with Appspace.

18 Nov 2023, Saturday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.4


  • AE-9662 – Location Admin is able to generate reservation history for All Locations, including locations not permitted.
  • AE-9870 – Duplicate bookings occur without sending a notification and canceling the second reservation.

4 Nov 2023, Saturday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.3


  • AE-9685 – Multiple errors are displayed to the user on the console during the first login.
  • AE-9903 – Reservation notes and image does not display on the Admin console.

30 Oct 2023, Monday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.2.1


  • AP-38907 – Occurance of NullReferenceException during event syncing when checking for recurrent reservations.
  • AP-38908 – Occurance of InvalidOperationException during event syncing when checking for recurrent reservations.

21 Oct 2023, Saturday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.2


  • AE-9462 – Employee App loading issues on private cloud.
  • AE-9489 – Device does not sync correctly by displaying new content alongside deleted content.
  • AE-9574 – Error 504 displayed when adding content to the playlist channel from Library.
  • AE-9721 – Sync issues causing resource reservation conflicts between devices and Microsoft 365.
  • AE-9728 – Unable to successfully approve or decline instant bookings.
  • AE-9736 – Zone name displayed outside of the zone coordinates in Map view.
  • AE-9757 – User unable to log in or reset password through SSO.
  • AE-9760 – Reservation that has been completed still appears in the list of pending Approvals.
  • AE-9766 – Incorrect time or time zone displayed for future reservations made after daylight savings time.

10 Oct 2023, Tuesday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.1.2


  • AE-9828 – Resource thumbnail images are not displayed.
  • AE-9840 – “Check-in” button does not display when making a reservation.

6 Oct 2023, Friday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.1.1


  • AE-9721 –Sync issues causing resource reservation conflicts between devices and Microsoft 365.
  • AE-9808 – Event displays organizer email, instead of name in Reservations.

30 Sept 2023, Saturday

Hydra build 8.4-ac.1


Appspace Enhancements

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Beezy Connectors We are expanding the capabilities of our Connector framework to integrate seamlessly with Beezy, beginning with initial support for Pages. This exciting development empowers Beezy customers by facilitating the automatic publication of content from Beezy directly into the Employee App. This means that users without Microsoft licenses can conveniently access and view Beezy content within our platform.

With this integration, our primary goal is to broaden our customers’ reach and significantly reduce the time and effort required to replicate content between platforms. This integration offers a streamlined method for automatically provisioning Beezy content into designated Topics or Channels within the Employee App, enhancing content accessibility and sharing across your organization.

Roadmap Feature
Support for Tableau Passport Integration Appspace Integration capabilities now include support for the Tableau passport service, allowing private Tableau dashboards to be authenticated and displayed on the Tableau card.

Visitor Management and Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Multi-Resource Reservations The latest update introduces the Multi Reservations feature, a significant enhancement for users. This feature enables users to efficiently search for and reserve multiple resources within a single booking session. It streamlines the process by allowing users to filter resources based on a range of criteria, such as location, date, time, capacity, and amenities. Depending on the criteria chosen, users are presented with one or more resource options, which they can select and confirm through the standard reservation confirmation panel.

This Multi Reservations feature enhances the booking experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly for those seeking to manage multiple resource reservations in one go.

Roadmap Feature
Localized Reservation Notifications With this latest enhancement, administrators gain the ability to tailor email notifications on a per-location basis, offering a more personalized and contextually relevant experience. Customizations can encompass elements such as a unique logo, specific text content, accent color choices, and a designated sender display name.

This empowers administrators to create notifications that align seamlessly with the identity and preferences of each location, enhancing the overall communication and branding experience.

Roadmap Feature

Appspace Employee App

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Stories Introducing the latest enhancement to the Appspace Employee App, the Stories feature. Empowering authors with newfound capabilities, Stories offers a more robust communication tool compared to traditional Posts.

While a Post serves as a swift means of delivering a message, Stories provide a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach, incorporating elements beyond mere text. You can seamlessly blend text, images, and even videos to craft engaging and immersive narratives for your audience.

Roadmap Feature
Events RSVP We’re taking event management in the Employee App to the next level with the addition of RSVP capabilities. In the initial phase of this functionality, Employee App users can effortlessly respond to event invitations by confirming their attendance, making event planning and participation more convenient than ever.

By seamlessly integrating these RSVP functionalities, we aim to elevate the user experience, simplify corporate communication, and optimize resource management within a unified and intuitive platform. This enhancement is set to enhance event coordination and engagement, creating a more efficient and enjoyable experience for all users.

Roadmap Feature
Home Page Performance Improvements The Employee App Home page has been optimized for performance and load times.

Appspace Employee App – Frontline Worker Edition

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Frontline Worker In a rapidly evolving work landscape, effectively engaging and empowering frontline workers is vital for organizational success. These essential employees, often spread across diverse locations, require efficient communication tools and straightforward access to critical information.

With Appspace’s Frontline Worker feature, we’ve addressed this need by enabling organizations to connect with employees who may not have email accounts or regular computer access.

Frontline workers, who typically lack email addresses and have limited computer access, can now seamlessly participate in the full spectrum of employee engagement activities offered by the Appspace platform. Our Frontline Workers login functionality introduces a comprehensive solution, allowing organizations to establish a communication channel with these employees. They can access essential information and collaborate with their computer-enabled counterparts through a straightforward username and password login, with the option for initial access using a one-time password (OTP) provided by the organization.

Roadmap Feature

Devices & Partner Integrations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Android 13 Tiramisu Support – Appspace For Devices Support for Android 13 Tiramisu on Appspace App for Devices.
Roadmap Feature
ChromeOS 114 Support – Appspace App for Devices Support for ChromeOS 114 on Appspace App for Devices.
Crestron AirMedia 3K Update The Crestron AirMedia 3K series devices now run its own Appspace App build that is standalone from other Crestron devices, ensuring:

  • Content caching on the device.
  • IPTV (UDP) streaming of Live Channels.
  • Playback of YouTube and Vimeo cards.

This is part of Crestron’s long-term strategy to position the Crestron AirMedia 3K series devices as dedicated digital signage players.

Crestron Desk Scheduling – Desk Touch Support for Crestron Desk Scheduling – Desk Touch devices for room and workspace bookings, featuring visible LED indicators to display desk availability, ensuring smooth transitions between hot desk areas and offices.
Roadmap Feature
Webex Conferencing The Webex integration with Space Reservations delivers conferencing support to customers, allowing users to connect and collaborate virtually by adding the Webex Conferencing feature to their reservations.

Details of the conference call are easily accessible from within the reservation details. Additionally, users may also access conference calls directly from their preferred communication channel, either through the enterprise messaging app or email notifications.

Roadmap Feature


Features Description Impact/Outcome
Checkpoint Card Reservation Services capabilities further expand with new checkpoint cards. Two checkpoint cards are being introduced – the Questionnaire checkpoint card, and the Legal Document checkpoint card.

Refer to the Checkpoint Card Release Notes for more detailed information.

Roadmap Feature
Tableau Card – Support for Private Dashboards Tableau Passport update to support a secure authentication method to display private dashboards on digital signage.

Refer to the Tableau Card Release Notes for more detailed information.

Roadmap Feature

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