The Appspace Intranet 4.14 release notes contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Appspace Intranet:

  • New Appspace Intranet functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under quarterly release cycle. 
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

28 June 2024, Friday

Appspace Intranet with Cygnus (4.14)


Features Description
Enhanced Discovery Cards
An exciting addition to Discovery Cards. With the latest update, adding custom cards to the platform has become a breeze for Editorial Managers. These cards come with predefined layouts that perfectly match our design style, ensuring seamless integration. Offering a range of options, such as banners, lists, and event listings, these cards enhance the user experience. Users can enjoy a more tailored and engaging newsfeed with the flexibility to display up to 10 cards. The new discovery cards only apply to the 3 columns layout.
Productize Intranet Branding Customizations
By 2024, Appspace is modernizing its intranet to enhance efficiency and innovation using the React.js package and a single-page application (SPA) strategy. While encouraging out-of-the-box use, Appspace acknowledges the need for modifications to meet specific business requirements. Consequently, Appspace will end support for previous free modifications and focus on the Feed Translator this quarter. The feed translation tool will be rolled out in two phases, allowing users to easily translate community postings from the ellipsis button.

In Cygnus, we are adding translation customizations for the following activity types:

  • Post (Update)
  • Praises
  • Poll
  • Share

Future releases will add support for:

  • Questions
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

The translate option is available in the following feeds:

  • Start page
  • Communities
  • Profile

Editorial Experience Unification This release introduces an array of updates aimed at optimizing community engagement through Community Wikis, Standalone Wikis, Community Questions, Corporate Sites Questions, and Community Ideas.


  • Streamlined Content Creation: Appspace has revamped content creation and editing features across Intranet platforms. Enhancements include updates to stories, pages, community blogs, wikis, and questions, aligning with Microsoft’s phase-out of SharePoint add-ins and the classic SharePoint editor.
  • Unified Editorial Experience: By unifying the editorial experience, users can expect a more intuitive platform, streamlining the editorial process and boosting efficiency. This results in faster and smoother content creation and management.

Cygnus Updates:

  • Community and Standalone Wikis: Both Community and Standalone Wikis now feature the new Cygnus editor experience, replacing the classic SharePoint editor.
  • Community and Corporate Sites Questions: Similarly, Community and Corporate Sites Questions now incorporate the updated Cygnus editor experience, replacing the classic SharePoint editor.

Deprecated Features:

  • Community Ideas: In this release, we have deprecated the Community Ideas feature. New installations will no longer support the Ideas feature, as it has been completely disabled. For existing installations, the Ideas feature remains in its current state, whether enabled or disabled. However, users will no longer be able to create or edit ideas. Despite these changes, interactive functionalities such as commenting, championing, deleting, highlighting, and bookmarking ideas remain intact. Essentially, all interactions with community ideas are permitted, except for editing them.
Responsiveness Improvements This enhancement ensures enhanced accessibility and user-friendliness on smaller screens, effectively addressing the requirements of on-the-go users who heavily depend on their mobile devices for browsing and interacting with content. With this upgrade, users are empowered to:
  • Reorder favorite apps
  • Edit Stories or Pages through the display of the edit link in detail
  • Add a favorite app via drag and drop functionality
  • Change profile pictures
  • Incorporate personal quick links, facilitating their opening in a new tab
  • Prevent inadvertent redirection to Settings, thus streamlining the user experience.
Remove Tags Counter Inconsistency in the Tags counter has been a concern, as the counter displayed a number that did not correspond to the actual returned results, causing confusion and misunderstanding. To resolve this issue, we have removed the counter altogether. In this release, we have also introduced an enhancement to tag interactions. Here’s a summary of the improvements we’ve made:
  • Users hovering their mouse over a tag will now see the tooltip “Show results for this tag.”
  • Ensures consistency between the tooltip information and the action of clicking “View more tags for this activity.”

These updates are part of our ongoing effort to improve user experience and interface reliability.

Language Picker for Pages A new enhancement has been implemented on the page, granting users the ability to select their preferred language. When a page offers content in multiple languages, a language picker feature has been integrated into the user interface (UI), enabling users to select the language in which they wish to view the content. Additionally, when multiple languages are available, the original language is indicated, allowing users to opt for the original content should they prefer.
App Store Categories

A minor enhancement for editorial managers and admins involves adding a “View More” button and a scroll bar to display all categories in the App Store widget, configured by admins or editorial managers in the editorial settings. This ensures greater consistency and more comprehensive category visibility on the Intranet UI.


  • BZP-19081 – When attempting to delete the community, a “Request too large” error message occurs because the images added to widgets are stored as Base64 encoded data within the community’s JSON file.
  • BZP-19645 – Unable to submit a new post to the Blog section as a community member due to the option disappearing.
  • BZP-19745 -The “Show more” option is missing from blog entries in communities.
  • BZP-19901 – Unfollowing a news channel with a large amount of followers can be quite time-consuming.
  • BZP-21514 – Inactive users are informed of community announcements via email notifications.
  • BZP-22420 – When the title of the blog or wiki is copied from an external source, it undergoes a rejection process, preventing the blog post from being saved or published.
  • BZP-22827 – Access to Site Pages on a public Site is available to all users who have the necessary permissions.
  • BZP-23803 – The app name is not announced by the Screen Reader when searching for and adding a new app to favorites.
  • BZP-23873 – The avatar picture in the activity comments redirects the user to their own profile instead of the profile of the user who added the comment.
  • BZP-23887 – The tab-panels are experiencing functional issues.
  • BZP-23996 – The screen reader fails to announce the aria label.
  • BZP-24112 – The user interface exhibits an issue where an image overlaps with the hyperlink URL box on certain pages.
  • BZP-24117 – Improve the editor’s tables feature by adding autotranslation functionality.
  • BZP-24151 – The screen reader fails to read out poll results when navigating using keyboard input.
  • BZP-24515 -The user is experiencing difficulties with embedding various types of content, such as MS Stream video, PDF files, and Excel spreadsheets, into blogs.
  • BZP-24736 – The screen reader functionality is not functioning as anticipated on the Recommended and My Shortcut tabs within the Quick links section.
  • BZP-24745 – Whenever a change occurs in a Local Entity, all administrators are automatically upgraded from the Writer role to the Editor role.
  • BZP-24869 – When receiving a link to a specified webpage in Beezy that requires authentication, the system automatically initiates a redirection to the Start Page.
  • BZP-24984 – An inconsistency arises when attempting to add a tag containing the “#” symbol in Spaces compared to activities.
  • BZP-25033 – The screen reader fails to provide feedback after clicking the share button.
  • BZP-25179 – There are incorrect translations for the German and English versions of the “Load more recent activity” button in the Newsfeed.
  • BZP-25197 – The Read Only settings for Editorial Managers restrict access to viewing all users and groups in the security section.
  • BZP-25249 – The checkbox for the read-only settings behavior in the editorial manager is experiencing inconsistent behavior, as it does not remain checked.
  • BZP-25420 – User unable to modify the image; the modal is not being displayed in responsive view, and the rescaling process is not functioning correctly.
  • BZP-25440 – Improper linking of URLs happens when an empty paragraph is used in the editor.