Configure Network Commands for Appspace App

This article lists the network commands that are available to invoke certain functions remotely via the network for the Appspace App in interactive mode/channel browsing. The network commands can be used in the following operating environments:

  • Android
  • BrightSign
  • Chrome OS
  • iOS
  • LG webOS
  • MediaVue SureVue
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


  • Appspace App in Interactive mode.
  • Administrator privilege.
  • A WebSocket client application, or Packet Sender client application (UDP)
  • Set the Remote.Enable player property to True on the Appspace App device, for network commands to function. Refer to Managing device properties and Device property dictionary.
  • For MediaVue SureVue devices, the firewall must be disabled for network commands to function.
  • For BrightSign devices, UDP is supported.

Execute Network Commands

  • To execute network commands, you must connect to the Appspace App via a WebSocket protocol.

  • The required port for Appspace App is 55537.

  • You may use your desired WebSocket client application to invoke the commands. Below is an example using HTML Javascript:

    // Create WebSocket connection.
    const socket = new WebSocket('ws://[device ip address]:55537');
    // Connection opened
    socket.addEventListener('open', function (event) {
    // Listen for messages
    socket.addEventListener('message', function (event) {
        console.log('Message from server ',;

App Navigation Commands

Listed below are the available commands to invoke navigation on the Appspace App, via the following code:


These are the available actions:

  • Device Menu = system
  • Up = up
  • Down = down
  • Left = left
  • Right = right
  • Select = select
  • Back = back


To launch the Device Menu, execute the following command:


System Commands

Listed below are the available system commands to invoke a function in the Appspace App, via the following code:


These are the available actions:

  • Restart the Appspace App = restart
  • Resync the Appspace App = resync
  • Reset content in the Appspace App = reset-content
  • Unregister the Appspace App = unregister


To restart the Appspace App, execute the following command:


Executing system commands results in the Appspace App restarting, thus port 55537 must be opened again after the restart. This however does not apply when unregistering the Appspace App.

Channel Functions

Listed below are the available commands to invoke channel specific functions in the Appspace App, via the following code:

?channel=[action]&[searchby]=[value after URI encode]

You must URI encode text strings that contain unicode and non-latin characters before executing the commands.

For example:

  • Channel name: My Channel

  • Network command: ?channel=loadchannel&channelname=[channel name]

  • Network command to execute:


Listed below are the network commands for channel-specific functions.

  • Load channel

    To load channels either by channel ID or channel name, execute the following commands:

    • by ID: ?channel=loadchannel&channelid=[ID]


    • by Name: ?channel=loadchannel&channelname=[channel name]


  • Load channel group

    To load channel groups either by channel group ID or channel group name, execute the following commands:

    • By ID: ?channel=loadchannelgroup&channelgroupid=[ID]


    • By Name: ?channel=loadchannelgroup&channelgroupname=[channel group name]


  • Load live channel

    To load live channels either by channel ID, name, or number, execute the following commands:

    • By ID: ?channel=loadlivechannel&livechannelid=[ID]


      With Appspace App 2.x, to load a live channel with an EPG provider, the ID denotes the GUID of the live channel found in the channel browsing script, which is not easily accessible. Thus, we recommend loading a live channel via name or number.
      However, if an EPG provider is not linked to the live channel, the ID denotes the live channel number instead.
    • By Name: ?channel=loadlivechannel&livechannelname=[live channel name]



    • By Number: ?channel=loadchannelbynumber&channelnumber=[live channel number]


  • Load EPG

    To load the EPG data, execute the following command:

  • Load Recently Added page

    To load the Recently Added page, execute the following command:

  • Load Homepage

    To load the homepage, execute the following command:

  • Search

    To search, execute the following command with a search keyword:



You may test invoking network commands to your Appspace App device by installing the Chrome extension Simple WebSocket Client or Dark Websocket Terminal from the Chrome WebStore.

To test network commands on UDP devices such as BrightSign, use the Packet Sender application which can be downloaded from:

Enter the command line in the ASCII field, and click the HEX button, which will auto generate the Hex codes based on the ASCII Data.

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