Configure Channel Publishing Permissions & Approvals

The new end-to-end channel and content management workflow in Appspace 7.1 introduces publishing options with these two new user roles that provide a degree of workflow approvals for channels, channel groups, and content within channels:

  • Publisher – approves content changes, edits content, and updates channel settings. Has full control of the channel, channel properties, and publishing permissions.
  • Editor – also known as a the content author, the editor edits content in the channel, but the actions may require approval from a publisher.

See the An Introduction to User Roles & Rights in Appspace article for more information on publishing and approval workflows.


Assign Publisher or Editor Role

Follow the instructions below to configure publishing permissions to a channel by assigning a Publisher or Editor:

  1. Log in to the Appspace console. 
  2. Navigate to Channels from the Appspace menu, and click the desired channel.
  3. Click the ⚙ Settings gear icon, and click the Permissions tab on the left side panel.
  4. In the Permissions tab, add a user or user group for each role:
    • Publisher – A Publisher will have full read, write, and delete access to this channel. A user with the Publisher access is able to not only publish this channel to a device (TV), user, or the web, but can also change and edit content, and update settings for this channel.
      Some users are automatically added as a publisher when they inherit the full access from the account, network, or user group. Clicking on the user that was automatically added, will provide more information on the inheritance.
    • Editors – An Editor can only edit, and manage the content in this channel, based on the approval rules applied to the channel in the Approvals tab (below).
  5. Click Save.
  6. If the channel has Editors assigned, and you would like the Editor to seek approval from a Publisher to perform certain actions, click the Approvals tab on the left side panel, and slide the slider to YES.
  7. Proceed to select the actions that the channel Editor must seek approval for from the Publisher of this channel:
    • Adding content.
    • Removing content.
    • Disabling content.
    • Changing content playout properties.
    • Changing content sequence.
  8. Click Save to complete. 
  9. The Publisher may continue to publish this channel to a device (TV), user, or the web, while the Editor (author) may proceed to add content/create cards


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