Cards: Display Real-Time Countdowns

The Countdown card is ideal for businesses looking to display a countdown clock to a specific event such as project launches, task deadlines, or counting down to the new year. Apart from counting down, the Countdown card can also count up, which allows messaging such as “Days without Incident” at factories or warehouses can be displayed. The Countdown card is an Appspace supported card, which is officially created and periodically updated by Appspace with new templates and features.

Please refer to our Introduction to Cards guide for an in-depth introduction to the types of cards that are ideal for your signage solutions. Visit our Appspace Card Gallery to find the perfect card to deliver your message.
Apart from the basic card customizations, the following customizations are available on the Countdown card:

  • Display a message with a countdown or count up timer.
  • Customize the clock style as either Flipboard or Digital.
  • Configure the clock timer to display years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds.
  • Choose the auto or manual clock formatting options.
  • Configure clock color.
  • Configure text color.
  • Configure card background color or image.
  • Flip the layout order.
  • Display a final message once the countdown has been reached. This message will not be available for a count up.

This article provides the instructions to create and configure a Countdown card, which allows you to quickly and easily display a live count-down or count-up to a specific date and time. What’s in this article:


Create and Configure Countdown Card

The instructions below allow you to create countdowns.

  1. Log in to the Appspace console.
  2. To create this card, select one of the following options:
    • Click +QUICK ACTION from the Appspace menu bar on the top right, and select Create Content.
    • Click Library from the ☰ Appspace menu, and select a library or folder you wish to create the content in. Click +CREATE, and select Content.
    • To create and add the card directly to an existing channel, refer to Add Content to Playlist Channels.
  3. Select Messaging from the All Templates drop-down menu, and click Countdown.
    If you are unable to locate the content, try using either the Search bar, the Order by, or Filter icon to narrow down the content that you are looking for.
  4. In the Edit tab:
    • Enter the Title of the content as this will also act as the filename for the content. This is a mandatory field.
    • Select the Clock Style:
      • Flipboard.
      • Digital.
    • Click the clock icon on the far right of the card preview to edit the date and time, and select either the count down or count up option. Click Save.
      Once you have selected the date and time, you may flip the layout of the countdown timer.  
    • Enter the countdown message in the Title field, and message to be displayed once the countdown ends in the End of Countdown Message field.
    • In the Design section: click the arrow to expand.
      • Customize the Flipboard and Clock Color, and the Background color or image.
      • Customize the clock Labels.
    • In the Configuration section: click the arrow to expand.
      • Select the Clock Format to be displayed:
        • Auto
        • Manual – Allows you to select the Clock Format options from the drop-down menu.
  5. In the Article tab:
    • Include an Article or Caption to accompany the content item when being displayed on mobile apps, tablets, and other social collaboration apps.
    • Enter a Referral Link to link more information to the content.
  6. In the Schedule tab:
  7. In the Settings tab:
    • The Name field will be auto-populated to match the Title of the content which will also act as the filename for the content. This is a mandatory field.
    • Enter any relevant Tags for the content. (Optional)
    • Select a folder for the content in the Library Location drop-down menu to change the default folder location.
    • Select an expiry date for the content from the Auto Delete Content from Library drop-down menu. (Optional)
    • Upload an image to be used as the Thumbnail for the content.
  8. Once done, click SAVE.

Edit Countdown Card

The instructions below show you how to edit a Countdown card.

  1. Log in to the Appspace console.
  2. Click Library from the ☰ Appspace menu, and select a library or folder containing the content you wish to edit.
  3. Select and click the Countdown card to edit, and select the desired tab to edit or view.
    • In the Edit, Article, and Settings tabs:
      • You may edit the content the same way as it was configured. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please refer to the Create and Configure Countdown Card section above.
    • In the Preview tab:
      • Preview how the content is displayed on your device.
    • In the Channels tab:
    • In the Analytics tab:
      • View the individual content analytics in this tab. For more information, please refer to the Individual Content Analytics section of the Analytics article.
  4. Once done, click SAVE.
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