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This article is applicable to version 4.7.0 onwards

Appspace Intranet (Beezy) 4.7 release included the option for users to schedule a Hero to be updated. This is fundamentally useful for admins that want to prepare content in advance to later share with their organization.
This enhances the Hero’s overall capabilities, so instances with and without Local Entities (LE) will both be able to fully use it!
Here are a couple of key points to have in mind for this feature:
1) The user must have admin permissions to the intended Entity;
2) The Hero must be published, so this will only work on Hero updates;
3) The criteria to schedule a Hero are the same for publishing/updating one. If you’re not quite sure what exactly they are, please refer to the to this article;
4) Scheduling a Hero means that we finished editing the content of the Hero and that we want to publish it (later). So changes to the existing content will cancel the active schedule;
5) Only one schedule per Entity is allowed. This means that in non-LE scenarios, the platform will only support 1 schedule at a time, and in LE-enabled scenarios, we have 1 possible schedule per N existing Entities. This means that, in this last scenario, we can have multiple active schedules, but only one per Entity (regardless of the chosen layout);
To cover the basics please refer to the following pages:
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