‘On Language Select’ (Opt-Out) Translations

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This article is applicable to Appspace Intranet version 4.5.0 onwards.

In Appspace Intranet 4.5.0 we’re offering 2 different paths so users can Auto-Translate their Stories and Pages. On their core functionality, they basically do the same thing so it’s mostly about choosing the experience that works better for each organization. Let’s deep dive in each one:

1) ‘On Language Select’, also known as the Opt-Out path 

Customers that select this option in Settings will have an automatic translation made when creating a new language version of a Story or Page, making this option the most convenient and powerful 1-click path available for the user in terms of experience in the editors.



As you can see on the last image, the ‘On Language Select’ journey also offers an option to ‘Undo’ (hence, the name Opt-Out path) the generated translation, quickly wiping off the body and text as if it was starting a new article from scratch.


What if the user changes his/her mind and wants to get the translation back? This will be a common question for both paths and it’s a fairly simple one: just delete the Page / Story and redo the steps.
Finally, if some unexpected error happens in this path we will let the user know through an error message bar/toast that will be presented on the default language Page/Story. Bear in mind that if something fails during this process, the entire translation will fail, so there are no scenarios in which you will get partial translations that stopped mid-way.