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Appspace Intranet installs a set of jobs responsible of executing background tasks necessary for the correct application functioning.

Classic on-premises jobs

In classic on-premises (WSP) installations, these jobs are SharePoint Timer Jobs. Administrators can find them in Central Administration > Monitoring > Review job definitions.

If no jobs are displayed in this page, it does not necessarily mean that they are not installed. In classic on-premises installations of Appspace Intranet, the SharePoint artifacts are deployed only to Web Front Ends (but not pure Application Servers), so the Central Administration server might not have the Beezy DLL’s installed and therefore SharePoint hides the jobs although they are actually up and running.

In order to check if the Beezy timer jobs are installed, administrators can use the following SharePoint PowerShell script in any of the Web Front Ends:

Get-SPTimerJob | Where-Object { $_.Name -match “Beezy” }

Please refer to to check more details on how to manage timer jobs and reschedule them.

Add-ins jobs

In cloud or on-premises Add-ins installations, the background jobs are hosted using Hangfire, a third party framework. The jobs are hosted in the Beezy Web site application (either in local IIS or Azure) and they are managed through a dashboard user interface that can be accessed from Site settings > Beezy jobs in the root site of any Appspace Intranet site collection.

Use the top menu option Jobs to go to check all the job instances, order by category: Enqueued, Scheduled, Processing, Succeeded, Failed, Deleted and Awaiting.

In Add-in installations, not only the recurring jobs are executed and traced in Hangfire, but also the provisioning tasks when a new community is created, when new activities are created, items are modified, deleted, etc. If a job fails, Hangfire automatically enqueues it again and retries its execution.

Use the top menu option Recurring Jobs to go to check all the background recurring jobs that are executing periodically.

Currently in Add-in installations it is not supported to change the schedule of the recurring jobs from the user interface, as the default schedule has been optimized for performance reasons. If there is the requirement to change the schedule, please contact product support.