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For Add-ins environment installations, all the application events are traced in a Beezy log file that by default is stored in the Beezy web application.

It is recommended to change the log file destination in order to store it outside the web application, and this can be done by using the configuration file “log4net.config” by modifying the file parameter name. Just make sure that in the new destination, the user of the pool has write access.

In order to configure what trace levels are logged, please go to Settings > Logging configuration:

You can choose the log severity to be traced, among the SharePoint severity levels: Unexpected, High, Medium, Monitorable, Verbose.

Please do not use Verbose level in production environments. The recommended level is High.

You can also enable or disable logging error events to the Windows Event Log.

Finally, you can enable deep tracing in Appspace Intranet by checking/unchecking traces for API calls, internal methods and cached methods. This deep tracing is only recommendable if you need to troubleshoot a specific problem in the application.

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