Tags management section in Editorial Settings

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After having identified the necessity to manage tags, we have this section inside the Editorial settings.
Like any other section in Editorial Settings, Tag management is available only for Administrators and Community managers.
Local Entities’ Admins will have no access to this feature.

We start the search introducing a term(at least 2 characters) and pressing the Enter key, or clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
The term is searched in any position, not only at the tag’s beginning.
The results will be ordered alphabetically (results with the hashtag will appear at the top) and paginated.

The Source column values could be Activities, Apps, Communities, Knowledge Centers, Ideas Campaigns, Pages, Blogs, Wikis, Forums, and Stories.

In the Source column there’s a case that this column could be empty (and then we show a hyphen “-“): we create a tag for an activity/app, then we edit the activity/app deleting that tag, therefore the tag exists but without source.

In the Entity column only will appear some value if the tag is used in a certain entity, if not we show a hyphen “-“. Otherwise, it is possible to have several entities in this column. We show always this column, even in a NO Local Entities scenario.

Once we have searched we’ll see the results’ screen until we click on the cross icon in the search box, and then we will come back to the initial screen again.

Every resulting tag will have two options: edit and delete.