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Valid for WSP, Add-ins on premise & Cloud (Classic & Modern) since version 4.1.0.

It supports the Office file formats:
Word – doc, docx
Excel – xls, xlsx
PowerPoint – ppt, pptx
and also the PDF format.
Not supported: Visio – vsd

To enable the Embed link feature you have to configure manually the following snippets.

Settings > HTML snippets

  • URL: http{s}://{host}/{location}/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={sourcedoc}&action=interactivepreview

  • Template: <iframe width=”500″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”http{s}://{host}/{location}/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={sourcedoc}&action=interactivepreview”></iframe>

Settings > Editorial snippets

  • URL pattern: http{s}://{host}/{location}/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={sourcedoc}&action=interactivepreview

  • Iframe URL: http{s}://{host}/{location}/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={sourcedoc}&action=interactivepreview