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In order to customize the types of praises users will be able to do, go to Settings > User interface and provide a new schema:

[{ ‘Name’: ‘Congrat’, ‘Title’: ‘Congratulations’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-congrats.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘ThankYou’, ‘Title’: ‘Thank you’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-thank-you.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘GreatIdea’, ‘Title’: ‘Great idea’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-great-idea.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘HardWorker’, ‘Title’: ‘Hard worker’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-hard-worker.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘Success’, ‘Title’: ‘Successful project’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-successful-project.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘TaskWellDone’, ‘Title’: ‘Task well done’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-task-well-done.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘ValuableEmployee’, ‘Title’: ‘Valuable employee’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-valuable-employee.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘ProblemSolver’, ‘Title’: ‘Problem solver’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-problem-solver.png’ }, { ‘Name’: ‘MissYou’, ‘Title’: ‘We will miss you’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-miss-you.png’ },{ ‘Name’: ‘AwesomeTeamMate’, ‘Title’: ‘Awesome teammate’, ‘IconUrl’: ‘/Style Library/images/beezy/praises-sprite-awesome-teammate.png’ }]

The previous schema consists on a list of elements. Each element defines three pairs of items: the first is the categorization of the praise, the second is the text to be displayed to the user when he or she is going to praise a colleague and the third is the image URL for that praise.