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This section applies only to v3.1.2 and higher.

The “Pages for you” is a new dialog in the pages page that includes settings for customizing which pages the user will get regarding topics users can choose to (un)follow.

When a user lands on this page, he will get only pages matching any of the selected topics, tags, and languages.

For configuring the “Pages for you” just click on the link highlighted in the following figure:

Pages For You User Manual.png

The following dialog is open, and you can select and deselect available topics:

2022-08-01 14_44_52-Beezy.png

Some of the topics and languages can be mandatory to follow depending on organization policies and the audience’s definition; therefore, they are locked, and users can’t unfollow them.

When the dialog is saved the page is refreshed, and pages are displayed applying these filters:

  1. Pages belonging to any of the selected topics (locked included) OR
  2. Pages belonging to any of the selected tags AND
  3. Pages containing any of the selected languages (locked included)

Translations to be displayed in results will apply these criteria (in order):

  1. Show translation matching the default language (locked one)
  2. Show page default translation

If left unconfigured, Pages for you will display pages from various topics. Or, in the absence of any published pages, it will be empty.

When Using Local Entities

Users can also follow Topics and Tags of other Local Entities, by clicking on the mechanical wheel next to Pages for You and using the Topics and Tags search boxes.

Local Entities are displayed beneath the search results.

The “All Topics” page gives users access to an overview of every Topic used by content creators.

All Topics Image.png

When Using Local Entities

Users can filter the All Topics overview page by Local Entity using the “More” button under All Topics to select a different Local Entity.

Topics Overview

By clicking on any of the available Topics, users access every single Page related to that specific topic and can also filter the order of the Pages by clicking on:

Most Popular (Determined by the number of Likes)

Latest (Determined by the date of publishing)

Recently Updated (Determined by its last update)

Topic Overview 2.png

The next content applies to all versions since version 4.3.0

Restricted in Pages and topics

Pages for you
The pages published in a restricted topic will appear in Pages for you under the name of the topic followed by the lock icon.
In the featured block, restricted pages should be visible only to users with access to each restricted topic.
Pages for you cogwheel modal
The restricted topics will appear in Pages for you modal preceded by the lock icon.
The users will find only those restricted topics from the editorial module where they are. In other words, they won’t find restricted topics from other local entities.
2022-08-01 14_47_06-Beezy.png
All topics
The restricted topics will appear in All topics with the lock icon in the top-right of the topic image.
In a Local entities enabled scenario, when looking at other entities, the restricted topics will be hidden.
Restricted Topic detail page
The restricted topic detail page will have the lock icon in the top-right of the topic image with a tooltip on hover that will say: ”Restricted topic: Only certain people have access to its content.”