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This article is applicable to Appspace Intranet version 4.5.0 onwards.
The Pages Expiration Date feature introduced in Appspace Intranet the capacity to:
  • Set and manage an expiration date for a Page;
  • Quickly help all types of users to understand when a given Page is going to expire;
  • Notify Contacts and Authors that a Page will expire in 1 week;
  • Automatically expire Pages when the configured date is reached.
This feature will be especially useful for companies/users that rely on Appspace Intranet Pages to build content that is relevant during a specific timeframe like, for example, commercial offers or Pages created to share more information on a company announcement.
Before we start, it’s relevant to go through an important definition:
  • An expired Page is a Page that was unpublished automatically due to reaching a certain date/time;
  • It will not be deleted, being kept instead in the draft status and hidden from all search results;
  • The Page will still be accessible through the Pages Dashboard, as all existing Pages in Appspace Intranet;