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This section applies only to Appspace Intranet version 4.4.0 and higher.

Communities have being slightly redesigned to support the new capabilities in Audiences in Communities.

Firstly, the Members tab will now distinguish regular and audience-based members, presenting 2 different sections:

mceclip0 (55).png

If a community doesn’t have any associated audiences, then the ‘Audience based’ sub-tab will be hidden and the page will be shown as it regularly would.

It’s also important to note that the total number of members of a community will take into account all users. In summary, Total Members = Audience-based users + Regular users.
When searching for a specific user within the community, the search results will mash up both audience-based and regular users when returning results, as seen in the following example:

mceclip1 (12).png

After the search is deleted the screen goes back to the general Members section.

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