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This feature is available starting from version 4.11.

Appspace Intranet offers seamless integration with Azure Monitor Application Insights in both Cloud and On-premise Add-in installations. Here are the steps to configure this integration.

Cloud Environments

  1. On the Azure Resource Group for the Appspace Intranet, open Application Insights settings and turn on Application Insights.
  2. Create or select an existing Application Insights resource.
  3. Enable the .Net instrumentation. The Basic level is enough to collect Appspace Intranet telemetry events.
  4. Apply changes.

On-premise Add-in Environments

  1. Install the Deploy Azure Monitor Application Insights Agent for on-premises servers on each Appspace Intranet Add-In provider host server. Deploy Application Insights Agent – Azure Monitor | Microsoft Learn
  2. Get the connection string from the Application Insights resource.
  3. On each Appspace Intranet Add-In provider host update the ApplicationInsights.config file to include the connection string.