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All the users of the platform can be managed on Settings > Manage users. You get the complete list of users:

Each row provides information about the corresponding site, such as: name, login name, EULA (Terms and conditions) accepted, status (active/inactive), the date when the user joined (available when clicking the ellipsis), and the date when the user was last updated., number of members, privacy, status, and the site collection where the site belongs to.

You can filter and order the list using the column headers, and in the latest release of Appspace Intranet 4.10, the Local Entity column and filter provides customers with a clear insight into membership within a particular Local Entity.

You can get additional info of a site by clicking on ‘…’:

If you click on View profile, you are redirected to the user’s profile page.

If you click on UPS Synchronization, you can force a manual synchronization from SharePoint User Profile Service to the Appspace Intranet user fields.

You can also check if the user actually exists in the SharePoint platform a site by clicking on Ensure user.