These release notes provide information on new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations completed in every major, minor, and patch release for the Tableau card.

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  • Content Category Type: Productivity & Engagement
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For each release, the updates are pushed to the card template in the Library. Cards created prior to the latest release will not receive the latest updates. To get the latest feature or bug fix for this card, the card must be recreated with the latest template.

30 Nov 2023, Thursday

Tableau 1.3.1


  • TCS-162 – The Tableau dashboard does not render correctly when editing in portrait mode on mobile devices.
  • TCS-165 – Unable to update the dashboard selection if the selected dashboard has been deleted.
  • TCS-172 – Unable to accurately preview an edited dashboard on the Preview tab before saving.

30 Sept 2023, Saturday

Tableau 1.3


The following improvements are now available:

  • Introduce a pencil icon for the Private dashboard workflow on the Dashboard Workflow Selection screen.

  • Use a typeahead dropdown list to filter private dashboards by typing a few characters, streamlining the selection process and allowing users to embed one dashboard in a card.

  • The “Dashboard URL” field can be renamed in the Private Dashboard process.

6 Dec 2022, Tuesday

Tableau 1.2.1


  • TCS-44 – The playback is inconsistent when a Tableau card is created and published to an AOpen Electron Linux device.

23 June 2022, Thursday

Tableau 1.2.0


The following improvements are now available:

  • The ability to render a Tableau card in full screen mode utilizing a public Tableau dashboard URL with a customized dashboard size option.
  • Full screen rendering support across all resolutions.


  • TCS-40 – When a Tableau card is published to a device, the initial card loading time took more than 5 seconds to render the Tableau Dashboard.
  • TCS-45 – Certain devices load the Tableau Card multiple times when it is published in the Advanced Channel.
  • TCS-55 – When attempting to play the Tableau card as the first content on a device, the Tableau card will load as a black screen until the card duration ends. However, when the Tableau card is not the first content in a channel, the black screen is not visible during subsequence playback.
  • TCS-56 – The Poly X30 device was unable to sustain continuous playback for long periods of time when the Tableau card was published on it.
  • TCS-59 – When a valid Tableau Dashboard URL is entered, the dashboard may capture the Tableau Dashboard name but is unable to generate or load the dashboard, displaying the error message “Unable to load the dashboard.”
  • TCS-66 – When a user switches their orientation and resolution, the tableau dashboard cannot be rendered.

19 May 2022, Thursday

Tableau 1.1.0


  • During dashboard playback, if the dashboard fails to load (because it was removed in Tableau), during the following instances:
    • Editing & Preview mode: An error message “Unable to load the dashboard” is displayed.
    • Device playback: The card will be skipped and will not be displayed.
  • When an invalid URL link is entered in the Dashboard URL input field, an error message “This is an invalid URL. Please try again” is displayed. When the user clicks away from the input, but within the card region or outside it, the error message and invalid dashboard URL will be cleared.
  • Standardizing the Tableau card screenshot thumbnail to show up to two lines of dashboard name. Currently, the Tableau card thumbnail allows the dashboard name to wrap up to four lines, which differs from the behavior of other Dashboard cards (Power BI and Salesforce).


  • TCS-54 – When entering a valid Tableau Dashboard URL, the dashboard can capture the Tableau Dashboard name however it is unable to render the dashboard and infinite loading is seen.
  • TCS-43 – After editing and saving a new dashboard URL, the Tableau card Preview tab is not updated with the most recent dashboard.

31 Mar 2022, Thursday

Tableau 1.0


Tableau Dashboard Support

This release sees the support for Tableau public account dashboards, via the Appspace Tableau card. Users only need to input a URL to their Tableau dashboard from a Tableau Public account.

The Tableau card connects to a variety of data sources, allowing users to aggregate business intelligence data into dashboards. Appspace users can display their Tableau dashboards on digital signage.

The following features and improvements are available once the card is configured:

  • Ability to share URL links from the Tableau public dashboard to be viewed in the Tableau dashboard card.
  • Ability to update and amend the selected dashboard.
  • Ability to preview the dashboard and adjust the display preferences, such as:
    • Modify the Resolution
    • Alter the Orientation

For configuration instructions, please refer to the Cards: Displays Tableau Card article.

Supported Devices

Device / Operating System
  • Android
  • BrightSign
  • ChromeOS
  • Cisco Webex and Collaboration Endpoints (CE) (Signage Only)
  • Crestron
  • iOS
  • LG WebOS
  • MediaVue
  • Mersive
  • Samsung SSP / Tizen
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Windows

Please refer to our Supported Appspace Cards article for more information.

Technical Limitations & Workaround

Listed below are the technical limitations for the Tableau dashboard service:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 will not be supported.
  • When the Tableau dashboard is presented on the card, users are not able to click any of the dashboard’s links.
  • If a user removes a current Tableau dashboard from the Tableau provider, they will be unable to change their Tableau card.
  • Unable to display playback for LG WebOS and AOpen Electron Linux devices.
  • If tooltips are needed while the mouse hovers over the data charts, the user must enable the interactivity toggle on the Tableau dashboard card.
  • When a Tableau card is published to a device, the initial card loading time for some devices takes more than 5 seconds to display on the Tableau dashboard.
  • A Tableau dashboard with an “Automatic” size set at the Tableau provider will be able to render as a full screen for all screen resolutions when displayed on a Tableau card.

Technical Limitations for Version 1.3: This communication serves to provide an update on the technical limitations that are present in Version 1.3.

  • White screen appears on devices when rendering live screenshot dashboard. These are the affected devices:
    • Samsung Tab SMT-A8 (Android 13)
    • Nexus Android TV (Android 7.1.2)
    • BrightSign XD1033 (FW 8.5.31) & (FW 9.0)
    • Tizen 4 Tizen 6.5 Electron Ubuntu (AOpen Linux)
      Resolving this known issue is in progress.
  • Device skipping Tableau car playback. These are the affected devices:
    • Crestron Mercury
    • Crestron Airmedia 200
    • Crestron Airmedia 300
  • 24-hours playback issue. Tableau dashboards work well on most devices, but some devices may reboot during playback, especially when they play a mixed content playlist. These reboots usually happen after 24 hours of continuous playback.
    Devices that can play continuously for 24 hours include:
    • Nexus Player
    • AOpen Linux
    • Chromebox
    • LG WebOS 4.0
    • LG WebOS 4.1
    • Mac Mini
    • Marlin 4G
    • Marlin 8G
    • Tizen 6.5
    • Surevue D1

    However, some devices may not sustain uninterrupted playback for 24 hours:

    • Crestron Airmedia 3200
    • Crestron TSS panels
    • Cisco Webex Board
    • Cisco Room Kit Mini
  • Windows Electron 8G skipping live data dashboard playback during prolonged hours.
  • Apple iPad displays only the Tableau Cloud login button, fails to load dashboard.
    Take note that this only occurs on the Tableau Private dashboards playback; it does not impact the Tableau Public dashboards playback.
  • Dashboard input field rendering exceeds the card’s container on portrait mobile resolution.