Create Social Media by Seenspire Card

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This article provides the instructions to create and configure the Social Media by Seenspire card, which allows you to display information in real-time from external social media sites. This unique card built in partnership with Seenspire to display social media feeds, requires Seenspire authentication and login credentials. and is compatible with Appspace 6.2.2 and later.

Also categorized as a Community Card, the Social Media by Seenspire card is created by Appspace but will be customized according to your needs by a third-party community developer using Appspace card APIs. Community cards will be turned off by default. Contact us to learn more about our developer community.


What’s in this article:


Create and Configure Social Media by Seenspire Card

Follow the instructions below to create and configure the card:

  1. Log in to the Appspace console. 
  2. Click the QUICK ACTION menu on the top-right, select Create Card, and proceed to step 4 below.
    Or click Library from the Appspace menu navigation bar on the left, and proceed to step 3 below.
  3. Select the desired folder in the library, and click the ADD button, and select Create Card.
  4. Select Social Media by Seenspire Card from the Filter by template menu, and select a desired card template.
  5. Enter in the Seenspire credentials, and click Login.

  6. Click Connect to Seenspire to authenticate the account.
  7. Once customizations have been made, click Next.
  8. In the Save tab, enter in the Title, as this is a mandatory field.
    Optionally, you may enter in the ArticleCaptionContent ExpiryContent Tags and even upload a custom thumbnail for the content.
  9. Click Save to complete, and you may now proceed to add the card into a playlist channel.