Setup Desk Booking with Qbic Panel-PC Device

This article provides the instructions to configure and register Qbic Panel-PC devices with the Appspace App for devices, ideal for hot-desking or resource reservations, allowing for employees to quickly scan the QR code displayed on the device and make their reservations through the Appspace Employee App.

The Qbic Panel-PC device utilizes the Appspace App for Devices (PWA), and currently only supports the Desk Booking card displayed on a playlist channel.


  • Qbic Panel-PC TD-0350 device. The device must meet the manufacturer’s minimum hardware and technical specifications. Please refer to Supported Devices & Operating Systems.
  • Appspace App for Devices 2.34 and later.
  • An active Appspace user account.
  • An Appspace Platform user license.
  • Account Owner or Location Admin role to register device.
  • An active Internet connection.
  • It is recommended that the device clock is set to automatically retrieve time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, with the correct time zone, in order for it to sync correctly with the Appspace server.
    • Appspace cloud servers by default retrieve time from an NTP server. If an Appspace on-premises server is used, ensure the server time is automatically retrieved by an NTP server.
    • Appspace has updated the timezone configurations, which now include timezones other than GMT. This enables users with daylight savings to adjust the time accordingly.

      For more information, please refer to the Appspace 7.1-ac.8 Release Notes

  • Please ensure your network is configured to allow Appspace Approved URLs and the relevant network ports.
    On your proxy server, ensure our approved URLs are listed in the ‘How to set up networks with SSL content filters’ section in the following article:

Configure Qbic Panel-PC Devices

Follow the instructions below to configure Appspace App for Devices on Qbic Panel-PC devices:

  1. Power ON the Qbic Panel-PC device. The Configuration screen will be displayed.
  2. Enter in the Appspace App PWA URL in the Content field.

    The Appspace App PWA URL for public cloud is
  3. Click PLAY to launch the Appspace App for Devices.
  4. Once successfully connected, the Appspace App for Devices registration page is displayed:
    • Follow the instructions in the Register a device article (from Step 2 onwards) to register your device using the 6-digit code displayed.
    • In Step 11, ensure the device Channel selection mode is set to “Administrators can select a single channel“.  
    • Assign the playlist channel containing the Desk Booking card.

Create Desk Booking Card

You will need Account Owner, Publisher, or Author privileges to perform the steps below.

To create and configure the Desk Booking card, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Appspace console.
  2. To create this card, select one of the following options:
    • Click +Quick Action from the Appspace menu bar on the top right, and select Create Card.
    • Click Library from the ☰ Appspace menu, and select a library or folder you wish to create the content in. Click +CREATE, and select Card. 
    • To create and add the card directly to an existing channel, refer to Add Content to Playlist Channels.
  3. Select Workplace from the All Templates side panel, and click Desk Booking.
    If you are unable to locate the content, try using either the Search bar, the Order by, or Filter icon to narrow down the content that you are looking for.
  4. Enter the Title of the content as this will also act as the filename for the content. This is a mandatory field.
  5. In the Card preview section on the right, assign a desk to the card by selecting one of the two options provided:
    • Automatic desk assignment from a player property
      This option allows you to use the same card (with the defined configuration and branding themes) for multiple desks.
      • You must then add a device property = Resource ID to each device and ensure it points to the desired desk (One specific tablet for each desk.)
        • Device property for Desk 1 & Device 1: = 47563454656
        • Device property for Desk 2 & Device 2: = 34547409516
      • Click here for instructions to Add a device property. You will need Location Admin or Account Owner privileges to add a property.
    • Manually selecting by desk name
      This option allows you to assign one desk directly to this card. If you have 10 desks, you must create 10 cards for each desk.
      • The default manual selection option text would be Manually selecting by room id with a Search by name link shown below, which upon clicking prompts you to enter a user email address (booking account email address) to retrieve the resources list. If an email address has been entered previously, the manual selection option text would read Manually selecting by desk name instead.

        If this manual option is selected, while the device is also configured with a player property for automatic desk assignment, then the manual assignment of the desk takes precedence.
  6. In the Edit tab:
    • In the Booking Options section: click the arrow to expand.
      • Enable occupancy sensor – Allows the occupancy sensor to control the room status.
        To utilize this feature, please contact Appspace Support, as this feature requires custom integrations that leverages on Appspace APIs, while some sensors may also require device tasks in order to function correctly. 
        • Automatically check-in based on occupancy – Enter the duration after the room is occupied. Defaulted at 3 mins.
        • Automatically create a new meeting based on occupancy – Enter the duration after the room is occupied. Defaulted at 3 mins.
        • Automatically end meetings based on occupancy – Enter the duration after the room is vacant. Defaulted at 3 mins.
        • Automatically extend meetings based on occupancy – Enter the duration before the current meeting ends. Defaulted at 3 mins.
      • Enable QR Code for touchless reservations
        The Enable QR code for touchless reservations checkbox is a new feature in the Booking Options, which allow users to scan a QR code that is displayed on the card to instantly make a reservation.
    • In the Design section: click the arrow to expand.
      • Customize the Available Status and Text Color, Occupied Status and Text Color, and Check-in Status and Text Color.
    • In the Configuration section: click the arrow to expand.
      • Show meeting name (default) – displays the meeting name.
  7. The Card preview section on the right displays how the Desk Booking card will look like when displayed. You may click the Gear icon to preview the Available, Occupied, Check-in, or Offline status of the card, and Change Desk of the card.

    The booking status of the desk is only a preview, and is not indicative of the real status in this preview.
  8. In the Article tab: This section may be skipped.
    • Include an Article or Caption to accompany the content item when being displayed on mobile apps, tablets, and other social collaboration apps.
    • Enter a Referral Link to link more information to the content.
  9. In the Schedule tab: This section may be skipped.
  10. In the Settings tab: This section may be skipped.
    • The Name field will be auto-populated to match the Title of the content which will also act as the filename for the content. This is a mandatory field.
    • Select the Content Category from the drop-down menu to match the focus of the message, or leave it at the default content category.
    • Enter any relevant Tags for the content. (Optional)
    • Select a folder for the content in the Library Location drop-down menu to change the default folder location.
    • Select an expiry date for the content from the Auto Delete Content from Library drop-down menu. (Optional)
    • Upload an image to be used as the Thumbnail for the content.
      Please do not set an expiry date for the Desk Booking card.
  11. Once done, click SAVE.

Edit Desk Booking Card

The instructions below show you how to edit a Desk Booking card.

  1. Select and click the Desk Booking card to edit, and select the desired tab to edit or view.
    • In the Edit, Article, and Settings tabs:
      • You may edit the content the same way as it was configured. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please refer to the Create Desk Booking Card section above.
    • In the Preview tab:
      • Preview how the content is displayed on your device.
    • In the Channels tab:
    • In the Analytics tab:
      • View the individual content analytics in this tab. For more information, please refer to the Individual Content Analytics section of the Analytics article.
  2. Once done, click SAVE.

Book Desks via Appspace Employee App for Mobile

For booking instructions, please refer to Reserve Workspace QR Codes on Qbic Devices.

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