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In order to manage the platform and once the installation has been performed, one or more administrators need to be specified. These administrators have the role of managing all the contents and structure of the Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy), and they have full access to all the information in the platform.

These global administrators should be a very specific subset of users in the platform with full privileges, so please be very careful when granting this role to a user.

In order to grant Appspace Intranet global administration permissions to a user, you need to:

  • Add the user as a SharePoint site collection administrator in all the site collections where Appspace Intranet is installed. Go to SharePoint Site settings > Site collection administrators and add the user to the field.

  • Go to Settings > Security and add the login name of the user to the Administrator accounts field. Please use the semicolon character ( ; ) to separate different login names.