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This content applies to all versions since Android version and iOS version 6.3.5

You can set the Custom praises in Settings > User interface > Praise icons schema

JSON format expected for the Custom praises schema:

This is the complete example of one praise with mobile resources and supported mobile language codes:

    'Name': 'Praise', 
    'Title': 'Praise title',
    'IconUrl': '/Style Library/images/beezy/cat-sprite.svg',
    'IconUrlMobileApp': '/Style Library/images/beezy/cat.svg', 
            { 'Lcid' : '1033', 'Title' : 'Cat' },
            { 'Lcid' : '3082', 'Title' : 'Gato' },
            { 'Lcid' : '1036', 'Title' : 'Chat' },
            { 'Lcid' : '1031', 'Title' : 'Katze' },
            { 'Lcid' : '1049', 'Title' : 'Кот' },
            { 'Lcid' : '2070', 'Title' : 'Gato' }

Name is the praise ID (it cannot contain spaces).

Title is the text that will appear in the praise, and in the dropdown to select it.

  • When available Translations will always take precedence on Title.
  • For non default praises without translations, the Title will be used.
  • For default praises with no translations defined, it will use the embedded application translation for the praise.
  • For default praises with translations defined, custom translation will take precedence over the embedded application translation.

IconUrl is the location of the SVG file in the style library of our Beezy installation, typically in /sites/beezy/Style Library/Images/beezy/, used for Desktop.

The SVG file is the one used for desktop and has 4 different images. Two greyish disabled icons, small and big; and two more colored enabled icons, small(in the dropdown) and big(in the screen where you select the praise).

IconUrlMobileApp is the location of the SVG file in the style library of our Beezy installation, typically in /sites/beezy/Style Library/Images/beezy/, this file is only used for the Mobile app. Don’t forget after uploading the files to check them in and publish.

  • It accepts relative and absolute URLs, SVGs, PNGs, and JPGs.
    • SVG: Is recommended that the SVG is stored on the server with a default size of 200 x 200 px always with 1:1 aspect ratio. Not all SVG patterns are supported. Sometimes the image will load but will not show the unsupported fragments.
    • PNG, JPG: is recommended to use SVGs but these formats are also supported. Use images with 200×200 pixels always with 1:1 aspect ratio.
    • If the app fails to load the image then the praise fallback icon will be shown.
  • If available IconUrlMobileApp will be loaded. If the load fails then the praise fallback icon will be shown.
  • For default praises, if no IconUrlMobileApp is defined a default icon embedded on the mobile application will be loaded.
  • The fallback icon in case the configured icons fail is: praise_fallback.svg
  • For default praises with defined IconUrlMobileApp, it will always take precedence over application embedded icons for the Default praises names:
    ThankYou, GreatIdea, HardWorker, Success, TaskWellDone, ValuableEmployee, ProblemSolver, MissYou, Congrat


Mobile supported language codes: 1033(English, en-us), 3082(Spanish, es-es), 1036(French, fr-fr), 1031(German, de-de), 1049(Russian, ru-ru), 2070(Portuguese, pt-pt)