Links – Recommended by Admins

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The steps to set the mandatory links up by the Admin in Quick Links discovery card are:

1. Go to Editorial Settings
2. Go to Discovery Cards
3. Edit Quick Links
4. Select the “Recommended by Admins” tab

Once there, we have several options.
We can change the tab title.

We can enable or disable the visibility of this card. If the visibility switch is enabled, this tab will be the default one, and users will see this list of links.

And finally, configure the links. The limit of links for this tab is 10.
Please note: there are some characters not allowed, the brackets: ! $ & ( ) … : = @ [ ] { | }

Https is not required. We allow any type of URL (i.e. mailto:) and have a 2000 character limitation.

This feature will ignore the setting “Enable discovery cards in start page” and will show with 3 or 2 columns start page.