This article provides the instructions to import and register Crestron devices that are managed by Crestron XiO Cloud.


  • Crestron XiO Cloud account.
  • Account Owner or Network Administrator privileges in Appspace.

By default, the Crestron XiO option is disabled.
To enable the Crestron Xio option, navigate to Network properties and insert the following network property:

feature.registration.crestronxio = true

Import and Register Devices with Crestron XiO Cloud

  1. Login to the Appspace console at
  2. Launch the device registration page via one of the following methods:
    • Click the Quick Actions menu and select Register a Device.
    • Go to the Device Registration widget on the Dashboard.
    • Click the Appspace menu, select Devices, and click the Add button in the Devices tab.
  3. In the Register a New Device window, click the advanced device registration link.
  4. In the Configure Advanced Registration window, select Crestron XiO for the Deployment method drop-down menu.
  5. Enter in the Crestron XiO Cloud credentials (Account ID and Subscription Key), and click Authenticate.

  6. Once authenticated, click the Browse XiO devices, and select the desired Crestron devices to import, and register to Appspace. Once devices have been selected, click Save.
  7. Optionally, clicking the Show advanced options allows you to configure the Device DescriptionDevice Group and Device tags for the device.
  8. Click the Register button to begin importing and registering the Crestron devices with Appspace App.


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