Specifics of Local Entity enabled-scenarios on Hero Scheduling

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This article is applicable to version 4.7.0 onwards

In LE-enabled scenarios there’s an added layer of complexity in which changes in one Entity can impact the context of other entities, namely between Global and Local admins.
This means that users have to be extra careful when editing the Hero in this context. To help, bear in mind the following scenarios:
  • Changes to the Global Entity Hero with an active schedule: saving changes to a block will cancel the active schedule in Global and all active local schedules;
  • Changes to the Global Entity Hero without an active schedule: the admin can freely edit the Hero without impacting LE’s, until he/she decides to manually publish the changes. This will actively cancel all active schedules across Local Entities but the user will be notified of it;


These extra measures of security are happening because we can’t guarantee that changes made by the Global admin won’t impact the eligibility of a Local Hero to be published. We’re covering the basics with this, so it’s still key that the admins communicate amongst themselves to properly manage an important tool as the Hero.
The context of Local admins is much simpler, as changes to a Hero with an active schedule will only cancel the scheduling of their own Entity, while changes to an unscheduled Hero won’t have any impact at all.