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The concept of ‘Network‘ is a product feature that allows configuring advanced topologies within a single installation. With networks, Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) allows to define a new area for a group of users within the same instance. For this area (network), it can be defined which users (or groups of users) can access it.

Administrators can manage the different networks that are being used in Appspace Intranet, so in order to do that, please go to Settings > Manage Networks.

Here you can see all the Networks that you have and the different Site Collections, where Appspace Intranet is installed, that are included or not in those Networks.

In addition, you have the information for each Network about which is the Default Site Collection, and the Default Site Collection for creating a Community, a Stand Alone Blog, Stand Alone Forum, Stand Alone Wiki or Idea Campaign. This means that by default, those sites will be created in that Site Collection. In case you only have one Site Collection, these settings will be associated to that Site Collection.

Let’s take a look at the different actions that we can do in this page.

  • Change Network name: It can be possible to change the title by clicking on the name and changing it.

  • Add users to a Network: Behind a Network there is a SharePoint security group in each Site Collection where you can add your group of users that are going to belong to the network. In order to do that, use the “User Button” and add the users to the SharePoint Group.

  • Synchronize users: When having different Site Collections associated to a Network, every time you modify the users in that Network, you will need to replicate the changes to the other Site Collections security SharePoint groups for that Network. So in order to maintain the security consistency this, you should use the “Synchronize” button.

  • Enable Site Collection for a Network: If you want to allow the group of users that belong to a Network to have access to a Site Collection where Appspace Intranet is installed, you can enable that Site Collection for that Network by using the enable switch. Please, keep in mind that this action cannot be undone.

  • Change default groups between Site Collections in a Network: Use the radio button to configure which Site Collection will host by default the creation of the different types of sites.

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