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Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards that are compatible with your device or TV, ideal for creating engaging, interactive content, for workplace and team communications, as well as space management.


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administratoradvanced registrationLGregisterwebOS

Advanced Registration: Register LG webOS Devices with Local Policy File

This article provides the instructions to configure and register LG webOS devices with a local policy file, an advanced device …

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administratorcalendarintroductionmultiple roomspublisherroom reservationroom scheduleschedule boardsingle room

An Overview of Room Scheduling with Appspace

This document provides an introductory overview of room scheduling solutions with Appspace’s Room Schedule and Schedule Board cards.

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administratormulti-playersynchronized playbackvideo wall

Appspace and Video Walls

This guide describes Appspace’s new multi-player approach for video walls. Appspace uses a high accuracy clock synchronization technology that allows multiple devices to work cohesively.

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Appspace API: Application Integration

This article outlines the steps needed to call the Appspace V3 APIs using the application integration token.

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Appspace App (Devices)Appspace Employee AppAppspace PWA

Appspace App Requirements

This article lists the minimum requirements needed to run the Appspace App for Devices either on purpose-built devices and built-in devices, or the Appspace Employee App for employees on browsers or mobile devices. 

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Appspace Cloud Architecture & Deployment Overview

A brief introduction to the Appspace cloud architecture, data compliance and security, and information on the cloud and private cloud deployment cadence.

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administratorcardscloudMicrosoftroom schedule

Appspace Feature Mapping to Microsoft Scopes

WHAT’S IN THIS ARTICLE:  Overview Many of our enterprise customers utilize Microsoft solutions in their IT infrastructure. We have had …

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administratorcontententerprise messaging appintegrationspublisher

Appspace Integration with Enterprise Messaging Apps

This document gives a brief overview of Appspace’s integration with enterprise messaging apps and how these integrations function at a high level within the Appspace platform architecture.

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administratorbandwidthcachingcdncontent proxylow bandwidth mode

Appspace Low Bandwidth Mode Content Delivery

Appspace supports a diverse range of devices, both with and without internal cache for various experiences. On devices with an …

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administratormulti-playersynchronized playbackvideo wall

Appspace Synchronizes Content Playback on Multiple Screens

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to cards and channels, discussing the interrelationship between these two features, and how both function together for publishing engaging content for target audiences.

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administratoremployeesguest check-inworkplace

Appspace Visitor Registration

Appspace Visitor Registration is ideal for registering visitors in a single platform for signage, corporate communications, room booking, and wayfinding.

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administratorchannel browsingchannelsplaylist

Assign Channel to Device – Channel Browsing, Single Channel, Autoplay

Manually assign a channel to a specific device. Choose channel browsing mode, single-channel display, or autoplay, channel playback options.

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Assign Default Channel to Location

Assigning a default channel to a location is an ideal solution for organizations requiring to quickly replace, or add a …

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Assign Editors to Channels

Learn how to assign one or more editors to your channels.

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GoogleMicrosoftmultiple roomsOffice 365room reservationschedule board

Book Multiple Meeting Rooms Instantly with Schedule Board Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Schedule Board card that enables you to view schedules of and book multiple meeting …

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GoogleMicrosoftOffice 365room reservationroom schedulesingle room

Book Single-Room Instantly with Room Schedule Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Room Schedule card that enables you to book meeting rooms in your organization on …

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Appspace App (Devices)Appspace PWAchannel browsinggetting-startednavigation

Browse And Navigate Appspace App for Devices

This article provides illustrations of the Appspace App 2.0 displaying interactive content for workplace displays, team communications, and space management.

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Appspace Employee Appbuilding passdesk reservationemployeesgetting-startednavigationroom reservation

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App for Mobile

The Appspace app allows employees to browse and view corporate content published to them, via their mobile phones.

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Appspace Employee Appchannel browsingemployeesenterprise messaging appgetting-startednavigation

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App Portal

The Appspace Employee App portal is a web-based system for employees to view published corporate content, make workspace reservations, and reserve building passes.

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channel groupschannelsgetting-startednavigation

Browse and Navigate Channels in Appspace 8.1

This article provides you with an introduction to all the new features available, and instructions on navigating the new Channels module.

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desk reservationgetting-startednavigationroom reservation

Browse and Navigate Reservations Module in Appspace 8.x

Browse and navigate the brand new Reservations module in the Appspace 8.x platform console for configuring workspace and building reservations.

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Browse and Navigate the Appspace 8.1 Console

Browse and discover the new look and feel of the Appspace 8.1 platform console here. Appspace 8.1 refreshes the user interface and navigation menu that has been updated with a streamlined design for improved user experience, and branding.

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Card API: Methods and Events

This guide serves as a preliminary framework for developers to create custom Appspace cards.

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Card Reloads Upon Launching On-Screen Keyboard

Launching on-screen keyboard on a display playing Appspace card content triggers the Appspace App to reload the card, and restarts playback of the playlist content.

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Explore On-Prem Articles

Browse a list of all the configuration articles, installation guides, and system requirements, for Appspace on-prem.