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Reserve a Workspace, Desk, or Room – Employees

This article provides instructions for employees to reserve and manage workspace reservations, such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers, or from the Appspace Employee App on mobile devices.

Cards: Display Vimeo Feeds

Stream Vimeo content, such as the latest product lineup, advertisements, or even add that cute cat video for a quick laugh in the office.

Create Application Passport for Third-Party Integration

This article provides the instructions to create a passport to establish an authentication request and integrate Appspace with supported third-party platforms, applications, or services, to display external content and private data.

Configure Desk Booking for Qbic Smart Panel PC Devices

This article provides the instructions to configure and register Qbic Panel-PC devices with the Appspace App for devices, ideal for hot-desking or resource reservations, allowing for employees to quickly scan the QR code displayed on the device and make their reservations through the Appspace Employee App.

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Appspace Intranet

Adding users to Appspace Intranet (Powered by Beezy)

When administrators need to add a new user in the Appspace Intranet (Powered by Beezy), it is important to have …

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Appspace Intranet

Spotlight search

The Spotlight Search offers an easy type-ahead search interface embedded in the Megamenu. By only typing three characters, users are …

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Appspace Intranet

How to Create a Blog Space (User Instructions)

Note that the information provided in this article is up-to-date with the latest releases of the software. Feature Description The …

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Manage Visitor Invitations – Hosts & Facilitators

Event hosts and facilitators manage invitations for employees and external users (visitors) to a meeting or event held in your company via the Appspace Visitor Management system.

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Configure and Manage Visitors – Administrators

Configure the Appspace Visitor Management System to allow your visitors to self-check-in for events using Appspace visitor kiosks.

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Web View Cards: Display Web Views with URLs

This article provides admins with instructions to create, configure, and customize the Web View card within the Library.

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Digital SignageIntroductionSupport

Appspace Supported Browsers, Allowed URLs & Ports

This article lists the minimum requirements for running the Appspace platform or the Appspace Employee App on browsers or mobile devices.

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EmployeeEmployee AppVisitors

Cards: Visitor Kiosk Check-Ins

Create and configure the Visitor Kiosk card for kiosk check-ins with the Appspace Visitor Management system.

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Digital SignagePassports

Cards: Display SharePoint Content

The SharePoint card allows users with a Microsoft 365 account to access and display SharePoint posts, keeping organizational teams up-to-date …

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Digital Signage

Cards: Display Announcements & Messages

The Announcement card is ideal for keeping your remote workforce engaged with corporate messaging, workplace updates, and information.

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CardsIntroductionPremium CardsSupport

Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards that are compatible with your device or TV, ideal for creating engaging, interactive content, for workplace and team communications, as well as space management.

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Add Users, Send User Invitations, & Manage Users/User Groups

Invite users, and create user groups, user group library, and a common library for users in your Appspac account.

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AdministratorAppspace App for DevicesLogitech

Configure Logitech Tap Scheduler for Room Scheduling

This article provides instructions to configure and register the Logitech Tap Scheduler device with Appspace, a purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms, with the Appspace Room Booking card, ideal for single room scheduling.

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EmployeeEmployee App

Manage Workspace, Desk, or Room Reservations – Concierge

This article provides instructions for Employees with concierge permissions to manage workspace reservations, such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers.

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AdministratorAppspace App for DevicesBrightSign

Configure Appspace App on BrightSign

This article provides instructions to configure and register BrightSign devices with the Appspace App, and other BrightSign specific configurations such …

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Cards: Display Power BI Dashboards

The Power BI card displays dashboards from Microsoft’s Power BI visualization tool, which includes various custom data visualization charts.

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Browse and NavigationDevices

Browse and Navigate Devices on Appspace 8.0 On-Prem

Add and manage registered devices, create tags and organize these devices into device groups or locations, or simply assign channels to one or more devices, all in the Devices module in the Apppace console.

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Appspace Intranet

Beezy connector for Power Automate

Pre-requisites The Beezy Connector for Power Automate has the following software prerequisites: Beezy installation for Microsoft 365 version 3.8.0 or …

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Contact Appspace Support

For help with our platform or App, you may contact Appspace Support via one of the available support options; chat with a technician, give us a call, or simply submit a support ticket.

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Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Maps

The Schedule Board card with maps allows you to view a room’s location on the floor plan and book it instantly. 

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Browse and NavigationEmployeeEmployee AppGetting Started

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App for Mobile

The Appspace app allows employees to browse and view corporate content published to them, via their mobile phones.

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Employee AppEnterprise MessagingMicrosoft Teams

Install Appspace Employee App on Microsoft Teams

This article provides Employees (users) with instructions to install the Appspace Employee App on Microsoft Teams. Introduction Appspace Employee App …

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Configure SAML Attributes for Appspace Cloud

This article provides instructions to configure custom SAML attributes in Appspace that match the attributes from an external IdP provider.

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Book Single-Room Instantly with Room Schedule Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Room Schedule card that enables you to book meeting rooms in your organization on …

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Browse a list of all the configuration articles, installation guides, and system requirements, for Appspace on-prem.