Approve a Reservation – Approvers

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Appspace allows organizations to configure approval workflows for the reservations of allocated resources (such as rooms, workplaces, buildings, or locations). This is especially useful when a particular resource is restricted to special occasions, such as boardrooms.

The approval workflow must first be configured and one or more approvers need to be assigned to a resource to approve or decline reservations of the resource.

The approval workflow is applicable when the following tasks are performed on resources that require approval:

When a meeting organizer creates a reservation for a resource that requires approval, the assigned approver is notified (through email) that the reservation is pending approval. The organizer is also able to view that their reservation is in pending approval status in the Reservation tab. Invitees will not be able to see pending reservations or receive any notification of the reservation until the meeting is approved.

Approvers will be able to review reservation requests in the Approvers tab under the Reservations section of the Employee App. This article displays steps on how to view and approve these pending reservations or deny them in the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers.

When the allocation is approved or declined, the meeting organizer is notified through email. The organizer will also be able to view the approval status of the reservation in the Reservation tab.

If the meeting organizer is also the approver, the approval process is bypassed and the reservation is immediately approved.

The Employee App is only available on Appspace public/private cloud 8.0 and later. It is not supported on 8.0 on-prem.


Approve a Reservation

  1. Log in to your Employee App Portal with your Appspace Premium User credentials.
  2. Click the Reservations tab.
  3. Under the Reservations section, click the Approvals tab. You can view the number of reservations that are pending your approval in the badge next to the tab.
  4. Select a pending reservation in the list to display the the pending reservation details.
  5. Review the reservation details. Click Approve to approve the reservation or click Decline.

The reservation will be removed from the list of Approvals. The meeting organizer will be notified (through email) that the reservation was Approved or Declined, and can also view the change in the status of their reservations in the Reservations tab of the Employee App.