Add members to community from PowerShell

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This only applies to version higher or equal to 3.6.0

Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) does not limit the number of members you can add to a community.

As an Appspace Intranet administrator, you can add members to a community with the following steps.

Depending on your installation model:

WSP Appspace Intranet Release Package

  1. From a WFE
  2. Run Powershell as administrator
  3. Browse to the “Deployment files” folder

Add-in Appspace Intranet Release Package

  1. Run Powershell as administrator
  2. Browse to the “Deployment files” folder

Once you are in the right folder, steps are the same:

Execute the following script:

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl <beezy-sitecollection_url> -GroupId <beezy_group_id> [-ADGroup <groupname>] [-CsvFile <filepath>]

Mandatory parameters:

  • <beezy-sitecollection_url>: Appspace Intranet site collection URL.
  • <beezy_group_id>: Appspace Intranet group (community) ID number. You can get the number from the community URL.

Optional parameters (source):

  • -ADGroup <groupname>: specify the AD group name if you want to add users from an AD group as community members.
  • -CsvFile <filepath>: specify the path of a .csv file if you want to add users from a CSV file as community members.

If no source is specified, the source will be the Appspace Intranet database itself.

Format .csv file:

On-premises (header ‘username’ is required)

Cloud (header ‘username’ is required)


Add members from Appspace Intranet database:

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl http://portal.b13qa.local -GroupId 4641

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl -GroupId 952

Add members from CSV file:

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl http://portal.b13qa.local -GroupId 4641 -CsvFile c:tempusers.csv

Add members from AD group:

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl http://portal.b13qa.local -GroupId 4641 -ADgroup b13qaallpeople

.beezy-AddMembersToGroup.ps1 -SiteCollectionUrl -GroupId 952 -ADgroup allusers

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