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Users can freely decide if they want to join(be a member) or follow communities. 

  • Members can interact with the content on the community page but won’t see it in the newsfeed. 
  • Followers can see the content on the newsfeed, and interact with it if the community is public, they also won’t have it under the profile.
  • Simultaneous follow and membership give both possibilities. 



In restricted communities owners will be in charge of inviting other users to join.



Invited users will receive a notification where they can accept or decline the invite. If they accept, they will be joining the community as members.

When an invited or voluntary user joins a community, he is automatically added as a follower, so he can get updates in his newsfeed.

Users can decide at any time to unfollow any community. The result of this action is that they will not get new items in their newsfeed, and the community will not appear in the user menu.



Users can also leave communities at any time.