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This section applies only to v3.3.0 and higher.

Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) version 3.3.0 brings the new Pages functionality. In order to configure this, please go to Settings > Pages configuration (in the Advanced Settings section).

Be aware that Pages can be configured only ONCE, so take the necessary time to think about the final URL that you would like to use.

The first field will determine the title of your Pages section, for instance, Corporate Pages. This title will be reflected in the Top Navigation of the interface.

The second field will show your installation relative URL. Note that this field can’t be modified.

The third field will determine the subsite that will be created to host all the Pages. The subsite will be reflected in the final URL for your pages, for instance, “https://your_beezy_installation/sites/beezy/corporatepages/”. Therefore, you must only type “corporatepages” in this field to create the subsite. Note that “pages” is a reserved SharePoint word and can’t be used.

For more information on how to use the Pages functionality please refer to the User Manual.