Manage Reported or Inappropriate Content on the Intranet

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Managing inappropriate content on the Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) platform has been made simpler, enabling administrators and editorial managers to effectively review and address any concerns raised by other users. These Editorial Settings improvements ensure daily work of administrators are easier as everything can be managed within a single location.

This article provides instructions to configure and manage inappropriate content that has been reported on the Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) platform.


  • Global or Local Admin permissions.

Reports Layout and Interface

In order to access the Navigation dashboard on the Intranet platform, go to Settings > Site settings > Beezy settings > Editorial settings > Reports.

Manage Reported Inappropriate Content

  1. Log in to your Appspace Intranet console.
  2. Click the Settings ⚙ icon, and select Site settings from the SharePoint navigation.
  3. Navigate to the Site Collection Administration section, and click Beezy settings.
  4. Under Advanced configuration, click Editorial settings and click Reports from the side panel.
  5. In the Reports dashboard, click Edit of the reported content you wish to manage.
  6. In the Reported Content window, the reported content is displayed alongside other relevant information such as:

    • Type – Displays the report type (Inappropriate, Offensive, Broken link).
    • Status – Displays the report status (Pending, Approve, Rejected).
    • Author – Displays the author of the content.
    • Reported – Displays the user who reported the content.
    • Reporter comment – Displays the user’s comment.
  7. Proceed to click the button that corresponds to the next action taken for the reported content:
    • Keep hidden – Content is hidden once it hits the number of reports required to hide the content.
    • Dismiss report – Content is made visible as long as the number of pending active reports is less than the allowed limit.
  8. Alternatively, you may quickly Dismiss or Hide reported inappropriate content directly by clicking the relevant links when selecting the reported content.