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After installing Appspace Intranet, administrators have to determine and configure what users will have access to the platform.

The most basic scenario is granting access to the SharePoint site collections where Appspace Intranet is installed and let the users log in themselves into the system. Every time a user logs in, the Appspace Intranet profile will be created and the user will automatically be able to browse the Appspace Intranet pages and components.

In order to grant access to Appspace Intranet, you have to add the users in the SharePoint group Beezy Network Associates for each site collection. Please go to SharePoint Site settings > People and groups, click on this group and add the users or Active Directory groups you want to grant access to Appspace Intranet.

The most usual case is to use a single Active Directory group and manage the Appspace Intranet membership though Active Directory.

For move advanced scenarios on how to preload users in Appspace Intranet, please check the section Adding users to Appspace Intranet.

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