Managing restricted topics and writing restricted pages

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This content applies to all versions since version 4.3.0

Managing restricted topics

Restricted topic creation

In Pages settings > Topics > Category > Create topic, after clicking on the type selector will appear the CHOOSE AD GROUPS TO ALLOW ACCESS, and the CHOOSE EDITORS areas.

After selecting any number of Groups(none, 1 or more) from AD groups to restrict access, and at least one Editor from the Editorial module, and Save, the restricted topic will be created.

We can create a restricted topic without an AD group because it’s possible to start creating them and later finish this configuration.

The writers(from the Editorial module) and audiences fields are optional.

The thing that determines that you can see the restricted content is the AD group or the belonging to Editors or Writers, not the audience. The audience for restricted just forces the user to follow the topic. And just that.

The title of the topic can not be duplicated by any other topic, and it has a limit of 70 characters, as before.
After creating it, a topic can not be converted from public to restricted and vice versa.

“Create another” checkbox won’t change its behavior. This action will maintain the selected type of topic(public/restricted) and it will scroll to the top of the modal after clicking on Save. The checkbox will maintain the checked state.

Restricted topic edition

If the topic is restricted a message will appear at the top of the modal: “Restricted topic: Only certain people have access to its content.” Note: A topic cannot be converted from public to restricted and vice versa.

After the edition, the restricted topic must have at least one Editor from the Editorial module.
“Delete topic” won’t change its behavior. A topic can be deleted only when there are no pages on that topic.

Topics visibility in Pages Settings

Administrators and Editors will see all public topics and only restricted topics where they are associated with, in Pages Settings > Topics.
As before, Writers won’t see the Topics section. In All pages, the topics picker will show only public topics and restricted topics where they are associated with.
An admin or an Editor that creates a topic but them are not set as Editors, so let’s say that they’re creating the topic for someone else, will see temporally the topic in the Topics section, but after refreshing the browser, that topic will disappear to them.

Restricted Pages visibility in Pages Settings

Only the editors or the writers that are related to a restricted topic will see restricted pages related to that restricted topic in Pages Settings > All pages. In other words, editors and writers won’t see everything on All pages, JUST the restricted pages that are related to them.

Writing restricted pages

Page creation

After pressing the New page button will appear a new modal. This modal will be visible ONLY for Editors and Writers that are assigned to a restricted topic. This also means that users that are not related at all with any restricted topic won’t see this modal.
Restricted will be the selected type by default. The Select a topic dropdown will show ONLY the first 100 restricted topics alphabetically where the user is assigned.

Once a restricted topic is selected the Create button will be enabled and after clicking it the user will start to create the page in the editor with the selected topic automatically selected in the topic picker.

Local entities enabled scenario

Pages created in a Local Entity with a restricted topic cannot be seen by the other Local Entities users that are not in the restricted topic.

Writing a restricted page

In draft mode, once you have selected that the page will be a restricted page, you cannot modify the restricted topic selected, the search field in the topics picker is disabled and the rest of the topics are automatically hidden. And a tooltip will appear when hovering over the restricted topic.

Once you have set a restricted topic to a page, and the page is published, or unpublished, you cannot remove it or add any other topic. A tooltip over the topic will appear warning about this.
In other words, a Page can only either: belong to N public topics OR belong to
1 restricted topic. Or otherwise, belong to no topic.

Regarding guest authors, we will limit the election in the People picker to the editors, writers, and AD group users related to the topic where the page is going to be published.

Page approval

In this case, the request approval should limit the election of approvers to the editors/writers/users in AD groups related to the topic where the page is going to be published.